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  • Retro Futuristic Trend in Store Design - Pop Up Stores – Commercial Interior Design News

    Futuristic Pop Up Store in Paris – New Creative Pop Up Display

    Design by studio Bonsoir Paris

    store creative design

    The trendy look of the Bright Young Things London concept store in the departments of Selfridges in Paris, France, has got it noticed by shoppers. The idea for a pop up space along with flashy window displays was invented by the French design studio Bonsoir Paris.

    store creative design

    The sleek pop up designs are there to showcase the work of today’s hottest young designers. Their creativity and use of bold colors forced the design team to come up with a look that was equally hip and fresh. The shop has a retro-futuristic feel that blends high-end fashion with today’s hottest trends in the world of entertainment, design, pop culture and fashion.

    store creative interior design

    Blow-up toys and marble may seem like a pair that would not go well together, but the store designers of the studio pulled it off in stunning fashion. It is a playful look that attracts attention from the street. The store design team set out to give it a unique look with the inflatable blowups and the stunning marble. They certainly succeeded at Bright Young Things London.

    store creative interior design

    This design concept also illustrates the spirit of the store. The store designers wanted to accentuate the store’s metaphorical and minimalist spirit by using eye-catching objects, a clean look, and straight lines. This gives the store a splendid and fresh look that is constantly evolving as they change the items in the pop up display.

    store creative interior design

    Via www.designdiffusion.com.  See more image if this project HERE.

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