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  • Gourmet Food Emporium Supermarket Interior Design – Commercial Interior Design News

    Supermarket Design

    Located in the United Arab Emirates, Maybury is a gourmet lovers dream with its supermarket, café, delicatessen and informative cooking school. Interior designers on the project wanted to create a store design where customers would feel at home and want to return to often. The interior design had to appeal to the international customer base that frequent stores in Dubai.

    Supermarket Design

    The stores gourmet shopping is located on the ground floor where the interior designer used a blend of modern design and art deco touches to create a welcoming environment. The color scheme includes beautiful browns, deep purples and alluring greens along with textured marble, sculpted items and copper. A geometric pattern covers the open industrial ceiling and complements the columns that are covered in mosaic tiles.

    supermarket interior design flooring

    A bronze leaf theme is woven into the marble floor that covers the ground floor of the store. The stark copper ball chandeliers are interwoven with hand-carved wooden birds. The birds are hung so that they appear to fly towards the stunning forest painting. The painting is in the center of the grand window surrounded and partial covered with wrought iron.

    Supermarket Design

    The interior designer wanted guests to have a new experience each time they climbed the staircase with the metal banisters. As guests walk past the grand window with its forest painting, they notice a new food related item blended into the scene. The gorgeous stairs lead to the second floor with its café and cooking demonstration kitchen. On the second floor, the store design continues to capture the imagination.

    Supermarket Design

    The mezzanine offers a beautiful black and white touches that has softening tones of gray. The floors are made from oak wood with limestone accents interspersed in the design. Each piece of furniture is a beautiful piece of sculpture with organic themed lighting that makes the space more dramatic. The Maybury is a beautifully designed haven for foodies.

    Supermarket Design

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