Running an upscale salon and spa requires immaculate attention to detail and a keen sense of style. It also benefits from cutting-edge technology that can simplify your operations while enhancing customer experience. This is where Point of Sale (POS) kiosks come in: They provide the perfect blend of functionality, elegance and innovation you need to elevate your business. 

POS kiosks help you streamline transactions, offer interactive interfaces, reduce waiting times, provide product and service details and facilitate customer loyalty programs, which makes them an ideal fit for your unique business circumstances. However, designing the perfect point of sales kiosk for your upscale salon and spa doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, you have many options and fascinating technologies to rely on. Here are some kiosk ideas and how you can use them.

1. Sleek Kiosk with Camera

A sleek kiosk equipped with a camera adds a touch of class and modern cutting-edge vibes to your upscale gig. It offers an interactive way for your customers to check in and reduces waiting times, showing both a commintement to efficiency and respect for your customers’ busy schedules. The integrated camera can store photos, essential for before and after comparisons in treatments and stylings.

15″ Touch-screen digital kiosk with camera from Displays2go

2. Minimalist POS Terminal

Less is often more when it comes to designing a POS terminal. By adopting a minimalist design, you create an air of sophistication for your business—ideal for attracting higher-end clients. A well-designed POS software for salons can enhance functionality without complicating things.

Clover®  Station Basic Point-of-Sale System from Swipe4Free

3. Touchscreen Kiosk Stands

Touchscreen kiosk stands are indispensable for a modern, upscale salon or spa. They not only ease the check-in process but also enhance overall customer interaction. With their interactive screens, customers can browse through services, treatments, and even style inspirations.

16″ Touch-SCreen Digital Floor Stand from Displays2go

4. Mobile POS

A mobile POS system provides all the key features of a traditional one but with portability. You could conduct transactions from any corner of your setup, provide on-the-spot invoices, and cater to appointments seamlessly. Upgrade to mobility, and you’ll upgrade to efficiency.

Clover Flex from POS Brokers

5. Place-Betting Displays

Place-betting displays in your upscale salon or spa can serve as a unique selling point. Clients can view different treatments and services and, therefore, make informed ‘bets’ on what suits them best. It also serves as an informative tool for potential packages or ongoing promotions.

32″ Slanted Touch Screen Digital Kiosk from Displays2go

6. Seasonal Style Stations

Seasonal style stations can be an exciting addition to your upscale salon or spa. They allow clients to try out seasonal trends through interactive touchscreen kiosks. Offering a virtual ‘try-on’ of hairstyles, make-up looks, or even nail colors before committing is very appealing.

55″ Touch-Screen Kiosk with LED Edge-Lit Panel from Displays2go

7. Kiosks Exclusively for Packages

Consider incorporating kiosks exclusively for package deals into your elegant establishment. Clients can browse through available deals while waiting, making them not just engaged but also informed. Such kiosks may help enhance upselling opportunities in your business.

22″ Digital Touch Screen Signage from Displays2go

8. Informative Digital Screen Kiosk

An informative digital screen kiosk provides valuable insight to clients about your salon or spa’s offerings. It can display service descriptions, treatment details, and a price list, thus promoting transparency. Paired with high-quality images, it can engage customers while fostering trust.

15″ Touch-screen digital kiosk with camera from Displays2go

9. Self-Checkout Kiosks

Integrating self-checkout kiosks in your salon and spa ensures a quick, efficient close to your client’s visit. It reduces the time spent on manual checkouts, improving the overall customer experience. These kiosks add value by enhancing convenience without compromising accuracy.

49″ Slanted Touch-Screen Kiosk with LED Edge-Lit Panel from Displays2go

10. Client Loyalty Program Stations

Dedicated client loyalty program stations can be a valuable asset. These kiosks can offer an easy way for clients to check their points, redeem rewards, and explore loyalty program benefits. This can enhance customer engagement and promote repeat business.

32″ Angled Touch Screen Digital Desk from Displays2go

As you strive to offer an unparalleled experience at your upscale salon or spa, consider embracing the power of POS Kiosks. They streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and add a touch of high-tech flair that resonates with your sophisticated brand. 

Every detail matters in the upscale beauty space, and innovative technology can be your unparalleled asset. Choose a POS kiosk system that complements your business model and watch your salon or spa’s performance transform like never before. Once you implement these strategies, you’ll have an easier time scaling within your spa or salon’s specific niche. 

43″ Touch Screen Digital Kiosk from Displays2go

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