Red sofas for offices and lobbies

Analyzing the design world, one may notice an intensified interest in space-saving options, multifunctional qualities, color, and a return to nature. Stepping aside for oversized pieces and sleep-inducing neutrals like beige, the furniture turns smart and charismatic. Here are a few furniture trends that we will most likely see assert themselves in the future in both residential and commercial interior design.

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Nature continue to inspire designers in the most unexpected ways. The KIPU upholstered fabric pouf designed by Torbjørn Anderssen and manufactured by Lapalma takes its shape from the look and chromatics of smooth river pebbles. The functional advantage is the ease of restructuring interior spaces by moving these poufs around as needed.

Organic shapes as part of the new furniture trends

The same flexibility makes Patrick Norguet’s Degree stool for the Kristalia collection an attractive option. It serves as a stool, table and storage unit and recalls the simple yet inspiring shape of a graduate’s top hat.

Fun stool with storage compartment

As a response to an ever-growing desire for achieving the ultimate comfort, Jonas Søndergaard Nielsen‘s tile chair adjusts to the shape of the body by allowing its upholstered diamond-shaped pieces to move.

Comfortable chair with ergonomic shape

Upholstered furniture is here to stay, but it takes shapes inspired by modern design. They satisfy the need for function and beauty, but restrain themselves from turning into massive, overwhelming pieces. The DALMA sofa designed by Draga & Aurel for Baxter is a perfect example.

Sleek sofa that mixes generous size with light build as part of the new furniture trends

Modern vibes, coupled with an evident love for woodworking, reverberate in the Spada chair by Fabianno Sarra. The chair maintains clean lines and uses natural materials (domestic ash and white oak) – a growing trend in furniture design.

Simple chair as an elegant example of the natural-material trend

An old idea gets a new treatment in the SOL rocking chair by Constance Guisset. The enveloping shape is an instant invitation to relax, while the fluid aesthetics of this aluminum chair is due to the long radiating lines and soft curves.

Colorful aluminum chairs with enveloping design

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While office designs try to emphasize and encourage openness, communication and collaboration, the need for privacy has led to happy compromises between the two. The Allermuir Haven sofa provides both openness and a space for recollecting.

Sofa that exemplifies the privacy trend in furniture design

Finally, one of the most recent and innovative furniture trends gains terrain in the design world – that of 3D-printed furniture. The Gaudi chair and stool by designer Bram Geenen is inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s church architecture, with perfect distribution of forces used to create a strong shape.

Black-and-white stool with unique shape

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