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By keeping the pulse of customers’ ever-changing tastes and preferences in interior design and working to bring their dreams into reality, we have the advantage of a first-row view to the fluctuating trends in interior design. From one year to another, we see customers being charmed by a new color shade, a new material or a reinvented style. So, here are our commercial interior design trend predictions for the near future, that show the design world ready to embrace old loves while being open to experimenting and changing. 

Mid-century Modern Look

We have seen in the last years the signs of a return to the simple beauty of mid-century interior design, with its geometric lines, fun patterns and small-scale furniture. In the future this trend will only gain in strength. In a complicated world, going back to a playful and relaxed style is a natural tendency. We’ll see commercial interiors filled with warm and fun colors in washed-out tones, fun lighting, furniture raised off the floor by graceful legs, and light pieces with less bulk. 

Blue furniture pieces as part of our interior design trend predictions

While the mid-century style focuses on simple lines, it’s far from being boring. Quite the contrary, we’ll see a revived interest in the playful, daring and carefree patterns that define it, and a renewed appetite for abstract textile designs.

Textile design with mid-century patterns and color combinations

Mid-century Fabric – Futuro by Studiofibonacci – Spoonflower on Etsy

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Fun Floors and Wall Tiles

The same take in patterns will extend to floor and wall treatments. Plain floors are out, patterned tiles are in. Whether these mid-century-style tiles extend from wall to wall or just create an island of color and interest, they are part of our commercial interior design trend predictions. 

Geometric patterns that turn floors into the stars of the room come with a mid-century flair yet a fresh look. 

However, symmetry is not necessary. An organic look will be as welcomed as the much calculated abstract patterns, as in this porcelain tile floor that uses SpecCeramics products.

Restaurant interior with fun patterned tile floor

Tile from SpecCeramics, via GCThomas

For the creative spirits, these fun tiles will be a great opportunity to combine shapes and colors into stunning displays, and take them all the way to the ceiling for extra visual effect.

Spectacular tiled floor with geometric patterns in beige and gray

Honeycomb floor tile in beige and gray

Unique floor tile patterns as an example of our commercial interior design trend predictions

Tile from SpecCeramics, via GCThomas

In addition, the love for brassy tones will extend to the walls, like in this dramatic display of glowing beauty. 

Wall tiles with brassy tones

Blaze Ceramic Wall Tile from SpecCeramics, via GCThomas

Classic Blue Tones

Back in 2020, Pantone declared Classic Blue their long-awaited Color of the Year. For interior designers and customers alike, this is a welcomed return to relaxing tones that are more easily and universally embraced. Before that, the Living Coral and Ultra Violet Colors of the Year had been more of a risk-taking affair for brave hearts. However, Classic Blue put everyone’s mind to rest. From furniture to accent pieces and from wall treatments to outdoor decor, classic blue was for everything and everyone. We suspect it will be used with enthusiasm (and a bit of relief) for years to come.

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Upholstered bench in classic dark blue

Box Frame Upholstered Bench from WestElm

Example of store interior in dark shades exemplifying one of our commercial interior design trend predictions

Dramatic Lighting

Light fixtures are gradually taking a more and more playful character. Some mid-century influence will be noticed in the lighting industry, with brass finish frames, white glass shades, and geometric or futuristic designs. The fun will sometimes express into using creative interesting materials, such as yarn or recycled cardboard, that feed on our desire to experiment and be environmentally minded. Most of the time, the look will be dramatic, with light fixtures becoming a focal point of a commercial space. 

Playful accordeon light fixture in quirky restaurant

Accordeon LED Chandelier from Eurolite

However, one of our strongest commercial interior design trend predictions is the use of clean lines and sophisticated detailing in lighting design. 

Clean lines and dramatic details in lighting fixtures as part of our interior design trend predictions

15-Light Close to Ceiling Semi Flush Mount by Swarovski

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