With their great decorative potential, light fixtures are far from being just functional objects. This is even more obvious when imaginative designers create stunning pieces able to single-handedly define a space. Here are a few examples of our favorite new lighting trends, brought to us by designers with an artistic vision, a penchant for recycling and a serious appetite for novelty.

MESH light fixture by Francisco Gomez Paz, from Luceplan

Lighting as an art form

When coupled with the right materials and vision, light has a wonderful artistic potential. Made from hand-molded iron, this Amica Modern Art Deco Star Light Dotted Cloud Lamp uses LED lights to create a romantic effect. Used alone, the lamp captures the attention and plays the role of a decorative piece. When a few such luminous clouds are brought into commercial settings, they evoke the beauty of a calm and friendly sky, and give ceilings a charm and visual interest that they rarely have.

Unique cloud-shaped chandelier with gold tones

Amica Modern Art Deco Star Light Dotted Cloud Lamp from Warmly

A cascade of crystals is the perfect medium for creating stunning light reflections. This piece by Swarovski creates the illusion of light flowing over the room, calling to mind the movement of a waterfall. 

Sophisticated chandelier with cascading crystals

15-Light Close to Ceiling Semi Flush Mount by Swarovski from Wayfair

The MESH light fixture by Francisco Gomez Paz mixes a dramatic presence with unique functionality. Placed at the intersection of flexible cables that are woven into a graceful piece, LED lights turn on together or in clusters, depending on the amount of light you desire.

Elegant light fixture with metal mesh and LED lights

MESH light fixture by Francisco Gomez Paz, from Luceplan

Recycled materials

Giving a new life to used materials, recycling continues to shape the new lighting trends. This eco-friendly drum-shaped pendant flaunts a handmade cardboard shade on a steel structure. Paired with a glass diffuser, the neutral-colored shade has a warm, cozy and inviting look.

Drum-shaped pendant with a cardboard shade

Drum Scraplight Pendant by Jonathan Junker and Seth Grizzle for Graypants, via Lumens


Fun materials

Sometimes, the simplest materials create the best visual effects. These hand-woven lampshades from Pop & Scott’s Dreamweaver Light collection are made with high-quality yarn and a perfect trust in the decorative power of geometric shapes. 

Lamp shades made of yarn as an example of the new lighting trends that value fun materials

Dreamweaver Light – Mid-light Weaver from Pop & Scott

Made from premium iron and boasting five exposed light bulbs, this pipe chandelier takes a bow to the popular industrial lighting trend and brings in the charm of raw materials. 

Industrial light fixture with exposed bulbs

Vintage Industrial Pipe Pendant Chandelier from Warmly

Geometry and simplicity

The simple beauty of geometric shapes has always been a source of inspiration for ingenious designers. These new lighting trends are in part driven by an aspiration to such an elegant simplicity. The Kuu pendant collection by the award-winning designer Elina Ulvio from Helsinki pays tribute to it with its graceful ovals and circles, and with an inspired restraint from complicating a perfectly clean and attractive construction. The inner circles can be rotated to direct the light as needed. As a piece of fitting trivia, Kuu is Finnish for moon.

Example of fixture showcasing the new lighting trends centerd around simplicity and geometric shapes

Kuu Pendants by Elina Ulvio. Photo: Karin Ulvio

Designed by Robert Sonneman, this spectacular piece is the epitome of multi-directional illumination. Descending from a geometric grid of thin metal bars, multiple delicate pendants cover an 8-foot area, embellishing the ceiling, bathing the space in light, and creating the visual illusion of floating shining orbs.

Rows of mini-pendants suspended from a metal grid

SONNEMAN Lighting Suspenders 8-Foot Square Gridscape Monoline Ball Pendants, via Lumens 

Renewed mid-century design

Mid-century design has a clean look that greatly appeals to today’s tastes. Reinterpretations of this style are hot and very desirable today, and part of the new lighting trends that are shaping the design world. This Modern Hanging Light by Jay Harrison from Mod Creations combines the (unfinished) brass, the geometric precision and the simplicity of lines specific to mid-century design.

Elegant mid-century inspired light fixture exemplifying new lighting trends

Modern Hanging Light from Mod Creation on Etsy

An intricate combination of spheres, straight lines and soft curves, this Mid-century Parlor Chandelier resembles the creation of an engineering mind. The 12-light design offers generous multi-directional illumination, while the metal-glass combination is sharp and modern. 

Chandelier of mid-century inspiration

Mid-Century Parlor Chandelier from Shades of Light

Resting on a tear-shaped metal frame, this white globe of light has a sculptural appeal and can easily double as wall decor. 

Wall sconce with gold-tone frame and spherical light shade

Auhra Wall Lamp from Romatti

Finally, this clean yet sophisticated cluster of lights on a linear brass frame, coming from a New York-based studio, is a perfect example of the visual power of simple design. Its almost organic form that might call to mind plump fruits growing on a branch is in fact a carefully streamlined design, ideal for modern and contemporary settings.

Simple shapes and brassy frames as part of the new lighting trends in today's design world

Bloom 3 Light Fixture from Allied Maker

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