Looking for fun furniture and finding ways to incorporate it into residential or commercial spaces is one of the joys of interior design. We have recently discovered a few more pieces that grabbed our attention and fired up our imagination. The ones below are just a few examples of furniture that can make a space unique or just freshen it up with new takes on old ideas. 

Photo above: Baleri Italia Tato Pouf by Denis Santachiara from 1stDibs

Perfect for a bar or restaurant looking for the “cool” factor, this LED bar set gives a special feel to a night on the town. The acrylic tables and stools are enhanced with LED lights whose red, blue and green colors rotate, illuminate and entertain for 8 hours at a time. The glowing contours and etched swirls that emphasize the set’s modern built can easily become the main point of attraction and make any other decor almost superfluous. This is the very definition of fun furniture.

LumiSource Spyra Bar Set from Modish

Bar designs often overlook the potential of the simple barstool to define an entire space. With simple lines, an industrial look, a trendy combination of wood and metal, and the durability required for daily heavy use, this Brady Backless Barstool from Grand Rapid Chair can make a bar, café or restaurant look sleek, airy and uncrowded. When you opt for the colorful metal finishes, this may just be all the color you need. 

Brady Backless Barstool from Grand Rapids Chair

Poufs are much underused pieces of furniture, yet they have a lot to offer. Ideal as footrests in living rooms or nurseries, or as extra seating options for guests, they can serve as cheaper alternatives to office, vanity or accent chairs. They are a simple way to introduce some color or pattern into your space, while keeping it uncrowded and functional.

If you have minimalist tastes, these Baleri Italia Tato Poufs give you just the right amount of color and visual interest. Their rigid interior structure makes them comfortable and stable despite their unusual shape, and the removable fabric cover comes in both neutral and bright colors. 

Baleri Italia Tato Pouf by Denis Santachiara from 1stDibs

When you furnish an office, keeping it fresh and avoiding the drab look of the typical workspace is an indirect yet powerful way to improve efficiency and wellbeing. Most offices lack color and could use more seating choices and functionality. These contour personal touchdown spaces allow employees to step away from their desk to work and take calls undisturbed. They reduce background noise and peripheral vision and come with a convenient swivel mechanism in case you need to turn around for even more privacy.  

Acoustic Social Distancing Personal Touchdown Spaces from StrongProject

If an artistic vibe is part of what you want in your space, these Cast Stone Pebble Seats from BOXHILL may check both the function and the artistic boxes. Made of molded fiber-reinforced light-weight concrete and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they have the appeal of modern sculptures. Equally beautiful when displayed alone or in groups, they have an inviting shape and an organic look that spells calm and relaxation.

Cast Stone Pebble Seat from BOXHILL

Finally, a piece that we love, even though not necessarily what one would call “fun furniture.” For bars, cafés or dessert shops that are short on space, this sleek Croma Bistro Table is one possible solution. While the glass top and the many colors available make it an elegant and interesting piece, one of its advantages is the fact that it allows other “fun” design elements to shine. We love using such pieces in dessert shop where we introduce vibrant colors, dramatic soffit structures and ingenious lighting, and where simple yet refined furniture pieces balance out this visual opulence. 

Chroma Bistro Table from West Elm

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