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See the Furniture of Tomorrow

Hello Everybody!

If you've ever wished for a couch that you could move around with one hand, or for an ergonomic chair without the bulk but with plenty of artistic vibes, you are not far from having your wish granted. Here are a few instances of highly creative furniture that uses 3-D printing technology or relies on a few talented designers' appetite for new to bring you the look of tomorrow.

Below you will see one of our latest interior design projects. This boba tea and frozen yogurt shop uses plenty of color to paint an appetizing image. See more images of the store HERE.

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EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

3-D Printed Furniture Continues to Evolve

3-D Printed Furniture Continues to Evolve
Across industries, 3-D printing has stopped being a novelty a while ago. The technique has developed dramatically in the last years, with tremendous improvements in both quality and speed. In the world of interior design, 3-D printed furniture accommodates the designers’ creativity by avoiding the limits imposed by the conventional manufacturing …
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Minimalist Furniture Design for Contemporary Spaces

Minimalist Furniture Design for Contemporary Spaces
Every good designer knows that simplicity in design is hard to achieve. Getting rid of the superfluous and retaining the essential without sacrificing character and style is an art in itself. When it comes to furniture, achieving simplicity is even more difficult, since the objects must also serve a functional role. Here are a few …
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Our New Boba Tea and Frozen Yogurt Store Interior Design Plays with Colors and Shapes

Our New Boba Tea and Frozen Yogurt Store Interior Design Plays with Colors and Shapes
A new boba tea and frozen yogurt store interior design came to life, courtesy of Mindful Design Consulting, together with the necessary collection of marketing and brand essentials, from the store’s logo to the design of its loyalty cards. Playing with the idea of sweet and fresh treats, we came up with …
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