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Halloween Decor for Business
If you missed it, read our September Newsletter about The Furniture of Tomorrow.

Happy Halloween!

How to Decorate Your Business

Hello Everybody!

Halloween is just around the corner. Today we are sharing a few ideas that can satisfy both your appetite for creepy decor and your good taste when decorating your business space for Halloween. All the decorations can be found on line if you follow the links below.

Also, in this newsletter, we are presenting some unconventional light fixtures ideas. If you've ever thought concrete is only for floors or walls, and that wire mesh is best left to chicken coops, think again. New lighting trends take original approaches to interior design and allow unconventional materials to replace the much-used metal and glass. Do you want an exotic look? Choose a bamboo chandelier! Are you the industrial or rustic type? Go for a mesh lamp! Is a concrete chandelier finished with noble gold your idea of great design? Yes, that is an option!

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Fun but Tasteful Halloween Decor Ideas for Your Business

Fall is upon us, and with it all the opportunities for decorating your business in autumnal colors. For those who love all things decor, this is the beginning of the major decorating season that only ends with Christmas. And while Thanksgiving and all the preceding fall months are heavy with decorating potential, there is …
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Photos Above: PolyFish on Etsy
Photo Above: Aimee Marie Art on Etsy
Photo Above: Altered Rustic Designs on Etsy
Photo Above: P Dilly Party Supplies on Etsy
Photo Above: Just Garland on Etsy
Photo Above: Catch Some Raes on Etsy
Photo Above: Farm to Table

New Unconventional Lighting Trends

Concrete Light Fixtures for Contemporary Spaces

In contemporary interior designs, concrete is no longer relegated to floors, walls and ceilings, but has already made the transition to countertops and furniture. It also crossed with confidence into the realm of accent pieces, with the surprising effect of warming up the space, despite its coarse appearance. It’s maybe because of its texture, …
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Bohemian Light Fixtures Use Mesh to Create Character

If there is a type of decor that doesn't shy away from showing character, it's the Boho decor, with its relaxed and colorful look. A close second must be the industrial type, full of unusual materials and rough edges, or the rustic decor with its charming rugged simplicity. In each case, light fixtures are some of the best …
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Warm Up Your Space with a Bamboo Pendant Light

Bamboo is not only for floors, walls, furniture or bathroom accessories. In the last years, this highly renewable, sustainable material has made successful advances into areas less often associated with it. For instance, light fixtures use bamboo to create an exotic look, a clean, relaxing ambiance, and to keep a space airy and uncrowded. Most …
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