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How to Turn Your Walls into Your Best Feature

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Unless you are running an outdoor commercial space, walls are always going to be in your decorating cards. While large, empty walls can be intimidating when trying to put a space together, a designer with a vision can actually turn them into your best feature. Here are a few ideas - office wall graphics that save employees from sinking into visual monotony, restaurant wall artwork that gives you something else to chew while you’re eating, bold hospitality wall designs, and sweet wall treatments for kids.

We added some ideas on how to reach beyond those walls, and design an all-year-round outdoor space, so that cold days will never put your customers on the run. Read and get inspired!

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How to Turn Your Restaurant Wall Decor into a Work of Art

Too many times restaurants lack personality and spark. Food can be delicious, the service prompt and delightful, yet the interior is generic and uninspiring. Considering how many options you have in turning your restaurant into a unique space, allowing it to fade into the background is a missed opportunity. Visual clues paired with excellent service can create …
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Going Big with Hospitality Wall Art

When it comes to unique wall art that makes a statement, hospitality interior design offers a perfect background for the talented artist, for a few reasons. First, due to their size, large lobbies are an ideal place for ample artistic visions. Second, hospitality wall art has the chance to be slowly taken in and appreciated by visitors. Such large artworks …
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Breathing Life into Your Space with Colorful Office Wall Graphics

In an office, bright colors can translate into efficiency and productivity, yet they are seldom used. Instead, generic interiors with uninspiring neutral tones bore the employees and tire the eye. However, there are companies that understand that vibrant colors mean a boost in brain power and a worthy rest from boring tasks. These companies turn …
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Creating a Visual Impact with Wall Treatments for Kids

Some of the most exciting interior design projects are the ones that involve creating spaces for children. Loud graphics, bursts of color, oversize patterns are all fair game when decorating for kids. Even more, when it comes to wall treatments, the interior designer with artistic gifts is given the perfect canvas to put them to good use. But …
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How to Design an Outdoor Living Space Your Customers Can Use All Year Round

cafe design canopy
Outdoor living has become a big part of modern life. Hospitality businesses have sought to take advantage of this in a big way, by extending their usable space outdoors. Bi-folding doors are a contemporary way of blurring the lines between …
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