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There are restaurants that impress with their menu choices and there are others that awe their customers even before they have a chance to taste the food. Here are a few examples of such restaurants that are worth seeing and experiencing if only for their unique interior designs.
For each of them, we pinpointed the element of design or the main idea that turned them into spectacular places. Some take a surprising color or a geometric shape and run with it. Others try to tell a story and draw customers in. In each case, the designers had a clear vision and the courage to bring it to life. So get inspired by these designs and use their example to find your own voice!
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Turning Lighting into Art

One bold, unique and eye-catching element of design may be just enough to define the interior of a commercial space and turn it into a veritable public attraction. Melbourne’s Doot Doot Doot restaurant located in the trendy Willow Creek Vineyard development on Mornington Peninsula finds its voice and character by flaunting …

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Choosing One Color

Designing a restaurant interior around one color does not necessarily take much courage. When the color is pink, however, the decision may be risky. An interior designed in hues that are typically associated with babies, bubble gum and cotton candy may be too much for a considerable segment of your potential clientele and might be …

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Creating Sophistication by Geometry


Telling a Story

Nothing gives a restaurant design a more cohesive look than a clearly defined theme. Sometimes, the theme can be as simple as choosing a shape and use it repeatedly across the interior space. Whether this shape appears in the structural details of the interior or in accent pieces such as tables, chairs or wall …

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One way to create an unforgettable dining experience is telling a story through a restaurant’s interior design. Stories create memories, and good memories bring customers back. When it comes to a space that targets both kids and adults, the story become even more important. The Neobio restaurant in Shangai, China, creates a fairy-tale …

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