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New business owners can use all the help they can get when trying to attract a loyal clientele and turn their business into a success. This is why we put together a collection of practical tips and useful advice for businesses just opening their doors. From choosing a location to how to attract customers by turning a store into a destination place, here are a few pointers to start you on the road to success.

As a bonus, we added a handful of design products we fell in love with - decorative screens. Use them to create spectacular interiors for your business and make your space memorable.

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Choosing Your Restaurant Location

How to Choose your Next Restaurant Location
You know the old adage, chanted by both real estate professional and business owners with an eye on profits. They preach it because it’s true. No matter how fabulous your menu or how unique your interior design, if the location is poorly selected, your chances of success are questionable …

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Attracting Customers

Olala Crepes Store Design
When opening a new business, you have to prove not only what you can do, but, most importantly, what you can do better than your competitors. Getting ahead of the competition is a monumental and never-ending task that requires you to employ every available tool. Here is a short three-item …

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Sprucing Up Your Interior With Screens

How to Use Decorative Screens in Commercial Interior Design
As one of the most versatile elements of decor, decorative screens can answer many interior design problems in restaurants or any other commercial space. From serving as space dividers to simple decorative solutions for interiors that need some spark, they can easily become that extra “something” …

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