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October 2016


Happy Halloween Everybody!

It may be the end of October, the scariest time of the year, but designing a kiosk is nothing to be frightened about. In fact, the ones below prove that kiosks are design projects that allow you to have a lot of fun on a small scale.

From oversized Nutella jars and New York subway references to counters made of newspapers and kiosks that look like enormous pieces of chocolate (and what's wrong with that?), you have it all. Here are a few ideas to inspire you, followed by a little Halloween treat.

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Build It Around an Oversized Chocolate Jar

Branding-and Identity in Kiosk Design

Iconic Chocolate Jar Inspires Nutella Kiosk Design

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Estúdio Jacarandá All photos: Cezar Kirizawa via retaildesignblog.net In the world of chocolate lovers, eating chocolate by the spoon must be item number one on the guilty pleasure list. To help chocolate aficionados cross that off the list, in 2015, Nutella opened its first official kiosk, located on Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed by Estúdio …

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Make It Look Like a Delicious Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Kiosk Design

Chocolate Kiosk Design Finds Inspiration in the Familiar Look of Chocolate Bars

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Studio Cinque All photos: Marcelo Donadussi via retaildesignblog.net For many, chocolate and good design are the two fine pleasures of life. Created by Studio Cinque, an architecture and design studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil, the Chocólatras kiosk built in the city’s largest mall, Shopping Iguatemi, offers both. While the designers acknowledge that one of the project challenges …

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Color It Happy

Vibrant Colors Give Kiosk Design the Cool Vibe

Vibrant Colors Give Kiosk Design the Cool Vibe

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: dash design All photos: retaildesignblog.net While traditional Godiva stores have a kind of formality meant to underline the long Godiva tradition, the Truffle Express kiosk located in Westfield Centre Mall of San Francisco takes a more lighthearted design turn. Created by dash design of New York in partnership with Creative Brand Strategist Peter Levine, the kiosk looks …

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Turn It Into a Victorian Work of Art

Modular Cupcake Kiosk Brings Victorian Design to the Mall

Modular Cupcake Kiosk Brings Victorian Design to the Mall

Via trendhunter.com Designer: Carbon All photos: trendhunter.com The only thing better than eating dessert is eating dessert in an opulent Victorian decor. Carbon, a London-based design studio, goes even further. It creates this opportunity in the form of a cupcake kiosk in the middle of the Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi. As the first international location of Bea’s of …

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Cover It With Greenery

Plant-covered Counter Creates Mouth-watering Kiosk Design

Plant-covered Counter Creates Mouth-watering Kiosk Design

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Masterplanners All photos: Trasko Industrial Photographics via retaildesignblog.net If this Java Juice kiosk from a Perth mall in Australia wants to make a point, it definitely succeeds. Designed by Masterplanners, an agency based in the same city, the kiosk uses the unfailing appeal of nature to lure passers-by into a healthy treat. Seen from the right angle, …

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Use Unlikely Materials

Local Inspiration for Cosmetics Kiosk Design

Cosmetics Kiosk Design Turns Local Newspapers into Counters

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Tacklebox All photos: Juliana Sohn via retaildesignblog.net While local culture is a safe, rich and much-used field of inspiration for designers, the Aesop kiosk at Grand Central finds new ways to make even the local element surprising. Determined to connect with New York commuters on a familiar level, the designers use the local newspaper not only as …

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Find Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Subway Inspired Dessert Kiosk Design

Cosmopolitan Kiosk Design Brings Together Belgian Food and New York Culture

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Estúdio Jacarandá All photos: Cezar Kirizawa via retaildesignblog.net With the CrepeTown kiosk in Sorocaba, Belgian waffles meet New York culture, and they coexist happily in a Brazilian location. This cosmopolitan blend may be the source of success for the kiosk’s owner, who is equally passionate about the Belgian signature treat and everything New York. Designed by Estúdio …

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Do It Differently

White Kiosk Design

Coffee Kiosk Design Proves that Simplicity and Elegance Is a Winning Formula

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Cuschieri Design All photos via retaildesignblog.net All elegance is subtle, and subtlety is the path that the creators from Cuschieri Design have decided to take when planning out the construction of Crema Espresso in Brisbane, Australia. The light and airy kiosk is a far cry from the rather melancholy coffee shops that create an intimate feel through …

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Bring In the Sun

White Food Kiosk Design

Japanese Food Kiosk Design Puts Up Sunny Colors for Sydney Customers

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Morris Selvatico All photos: Andrew Eliane via retaildesignblog.net Bright, clean and youthful – this is the design formula that the Sidney-based firm Morris Selvatico used in order to attract the young local clientele to the Qsan kiosk. Located in the food court at One Central in Chippendale, Sydney’s “cool” neighborhood, Qsan is a Yakitori express store that …

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Keep It Open and Let Them Peek In

Minimalistic Coffee Kiosk Design

Parisian Coffee Shop Design Takes a Minimalistic Approach to Elegance

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Studio Dessuant Bone All photos via retaildesignblog.net Located in a cozy Parisian courtyard on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Honor café bears the clean and ingenious design touch of Studio Dessuant Bone. It is a place where coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of their favorite beverage, while witnessing the coffee making process. The designers were asked …

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...and Happy Halloween!

halloween simple table decor

Get Your House Ready for Halloween, From Front Door to Dining Room

Halloween decor is not only for the front yard. If you want to truly get into the spirit this year, how about adopting a more comprehensive approach to creepy decor? From the front door to the dining room, you can turn your house into a temple of mysteries and fear, with a few simple details. This is even a better …

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