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July 2015


Hello everybody! Summer is the time of fun vacations and exploring new places. Today we will show you some amazing buildings and hotels which should be on everyone's bucket list to visit just because of the amazing design and interiors.
Did you know that you can stay in a room made out of ice, sleep in the depths of the ocean or even experience the inside of a futuristic UFO?  I'd like to hear from you! Let me know if you already visited one of these places.
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Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

interior design atomium

Design and Interior of an Iconic Atomium in Brussels - Commercial Interior Design News

Photo of the interior - courtesy of www.dwell.com Built for the World Fair that took place in Brussels in 1958, the Atomium in Brussels has become the city’s most iconic building and an extraordinary example of international brand image. A large metal reproduction of an iron crystal, the structure is 165 billion times larger than the real thing and rises …

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Ice Hotel Design

An Ice Hotel with a Warm Ambiance - Commercial Interior Design News

All photos courtesy of ©XDachez.com If Canadian winters are notoriously cold, the unique Hôtel de Glace in Québec makes the best use of them. Built of ice and snow from top to bottom, the hotel is an architectural marvel and a breathtaking sculptural beauty - the only construction of this type in North America. Located 10 minutes from downtown Québec …

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Underwater Hotel Design

World’s First Underwater Resort - Commercial Interior Design News

Via dailymail.co.uk Photos courtesy of poseidonresorts.com The hotel’s construction time may have stretched by a few years, but so is the waiting list of prospective guests. The much awaited opening of the Poseidon Undersea Resort is still to happen, but the hotel is already on the bucket list of an impressive number of visitors who don’t mind shedding a few …

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Bubble Hotel With Panoramic Views for Nature Lovers - Commercial Interior Design News

Bubble Hotel With Panoramic Views for Nature Lovers - Commercial Interior Design News

Via weather.comAll photos courtesy of weather.com For the stargazer or nature lover who also happens to be a lover of comfort, the Attrap'Rêves Hotel in France (www.attrap-reves.com) is a perfect match. With several locations across the country, the hotel takes the concept of “room” to a whole new level and offers its guests a 360-degree view. Sky above included. The rooms are …

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UFO Hotel Design

The World’s First UFO Hotel Starts Taking Shape - Commercial Interior Design News

Via hospitalitydesign.com and kickstarter.com Photos courtesy of hospitalitydesign.com and nbclosangeles.com Those who have ever dreamt of getting on the board of a UFO might soon get the chance to do it, no alien befriending necessary. This is because Luis Ramallo, the successful entrepreneur behind Nevada’s Alien Fresh Jerky is bent on building an outer space-themed hotel in the desert town of …

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