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January 2017


Hello Everybody!

When it comes to using trending colors in a business interior design, 2017 looks like an exciting year. While Pantone has crowned a fresh shade of green called "Greenery" as the color of the year, current tastes embrace a larger chromatic variety. In short, this year is about drama. Deep jewel tones will give new spaces an exotic touch, pink will reclaim its place in interior design, and gold accents will finish the mix with opulent touches.

Gray and blue will continue to paint relaxing backgrounds, yet a thirst for color is already obvious. This is the year of daring chromatic choices, of contrasts, of fresh choices. So how can you use bold colors to create a space with character that asks for attention? Here are only a few ideas, plus some suggestions on how to incorporate "Greenery" into your space.

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EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

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Turn Supporting Structure Into Art

Colorful Library Interior Design

Colorful Design - How to Define a Space Through the Use of Bright Colors

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Anagrama All photos via retaildesignblog.net While using muted colors may be a safer option in interior design, it is bright tones that give a space the chromatic wow factor. When done right, the use of such colors leads to spectacular results, such as in the case of the Niños Conarte children’s library and cultural center in Monterrey, …

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Send a Message with Daring Combinations of Color

Bold Color Combination in Office Design

Advertising Agency Sends a Message Using Bold Colors in Office Design

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Ippolito Fleitz Group All photos: Zooey Braun via retaildesignblog.net The role of colors in interior design is not only aesthetic, but they are sometimes used to create a metaphor and suggest an idea. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, the Panama office in Stuttgart, Germany, uses colors to imply a sense of adventure and to let its visitors …

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Use Color in Unexpected Places

Colorful Wood Floors in Interior Design

Herringbone Parquet Gets the Bright Color Treatment in Apartment Interior Design

Via trendhunter.com Designer: Alma-nac All photos: Jack Hobhouse via trendhunter.com A quirky design project seems to prove that parquet flooring and bright colors are not mutually exclusive. When renovating the Basing Street Rooms building in London, the architecture firm Alma-nac chose vibrant colors and an unexpected way to incorporate them into the design to give each apartment both character and …

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Reinforce Your Brand Identity

Colorful Furniture in Office Design

Using Vibrant Colors in Office Design to Emphasize Corporate Brand Identity

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: David Ho Design Studio All photos: Lou Hong Yi via retaildesignblog.net If colors are an important element in branding, bright colors are great tools when used to define the energy and dynamism of a corporate identity. This is how vivid tones are used in the design of the Reckitt Benckiser HQ office in Beijing, China. While the …

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Organize a Store Interior

colorful shelves in store design

Organizing with Colors – Display Shelves Get the Color Treatment in Store Interior Design

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Emmanuelle Moureaux All photos: Daisuke Shima / Nacása & Partners via retaildesignblog.net Colorful interiors are often lighthearted spaces, defined by a sense of playfulness and surprise. But colors can be an excellent way to bring order to a space by dividing it chromatically. The CORAZYs store in Tokyo, Japan, is a beautiful example of using the visual …

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Mix Bold Art and Design

colorful hotel interior design

Art and Design Grow From Each Other in Colorful Hotel Interior

Via retaildesignblog.net Interior Architecture and Design: In Situ Design Interior Design: Lilian B Interiors Paintings: William Engel All photos: Eric Laignel and Eric Striffler via retaildesignblog.net Sometimes, color is not just an aesthetic addition to a space, but an integral part of the space itself. Created by In Situ Design together with Lilian B Interiors, the corridors and rooms of …

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Mix Colors, Planes and Mirrors

using mirrors in interior design

Bright Colors Turn Forgotten Basement into Dynamic Salon Interior Design

Via retaildesignblog.net Architecture: ROW Studio Interior Design: Midori Calvo, Francisco Mota, Jose Manuel Garin All photos: Sófocles Hernández How do you turn a dark, humid semi basement into a vibrant space and a point of attraction for service consumers? Apparently, the answer lies in a combination of colors, planes and mirrors. At least this is the formula that the architecture …

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Allow Color to Guide Customers

nature inspired store design

Using Color in Store Design - How to Recreate the Look of Blooming Trees

Via retaildesignblog.net Designer: Emmanuelle Moureaux All photos: retaildesignblog.net At the beginning of this year, fashion and Japanese tradition came together in a beautiful display of FURLA’s 2016 Spring Summer collection. Hosted at the Zojoji Temple in Tokyo, the presentation benefitted from the inspired design of Emmanuelle Moureaux, who used the hanami tradition as a starting point. Hanami is the Japanese …

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Use Pantone's "Greenery" for a Fresh Look

2017 Pantone Color of the Year Suggests Fresh Hope and a Return to Nature

2017 Pantone Color of the Year Suggests Fresh Hope and a Return to Nature

Photo : Pantone.com Back in 2013, green was being crowned as the color of the year by Pantone. It was a dark green, however, of a nuance that inspired opulence rather than a return to the simple joys of nature. In 2017, green makes a comeback, as Pantone chooses it again as the color of the year. This time, it …

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