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December 2016


Hello Everybody!

One more year has passed - and we have a lot to show for it! In the last twelve months, we moved with ease between designing playful dessert places and recreating more serious law or engineering offices, with an occasional car wash in between. Here are only a few of our completed 2016 projects and some of the interior designs that make our clients come back for more.

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Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

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Sheesha Lounge Interior Design and Branding

A popular hookah hang out in El Cajon, CA, Sheesha Lounge received an update in overall looks and feel. We recreated the interior by balancing muted and vibrant colors with soft ambient lighting. The back lit shelving in the bar area creates a focal point, while light is used to extend the space and inspire just the right mood.

A metal frame replaced the drop ceiling, opening the space and introducing an interesting element of architectural interest. A combination of movable tables and fixed benches offers more flexibility and seating choices than the old fixed booths, yet they make the interior look well-structured and anchored.

Apella Office Interior Branding

Apella, a financial planning and investment company, wanted a space that inspired trust and professionalism. Working with orange and blue, Apella’s branding colors, we used the subliminal power of chromatics to create an interior that appears both energetic and friendly. The open concept emphasizes the feeling of transparency and encourages communication among employees. Our design will be replicated in all Apella offices around the state. 

Wings N Things Restaurant Interior Branding

A fun project that allowed us to combine materials, shapes and colors into a happy and playful mix, the Wings N Things restaurant in El Cajon, CA, is never boring. We used the company’s brand colors, orange and green, to emphasize the main areas, but we were not afraid to add more chromatic options for a spicy interior. Tiles, natural wood and concrete-looking laminate balance each other and offer a variety of textures and colors that suggests the variety of the restaurant’s appetizing culinary choices.  

Sassberries Yogurt Shop Design Inside Movie Theaters

What is unique about Sassberries is that it is owned by a family that operates movie theaters. We tried to preserve this detail in the design of the interior, especially that this yogurt shop is located within an existing movie theater, next to the concession stand. The combination of strong and vibrant colors is a prelude to the excitement of the movie experience. Red, a color often associated with such locations, dominates the interior. With space-saving yet elegant seating options, the place is designed for the on-the-go crowd that wants a quick treat before or after a movie.

Hot Dog Bar Design in Gaslamp District San Diego

Coming from another location where it lacked both identity and brand, Hot Dog Bar turned into a place with character. True to the culture of the bar-going, fast-eating crowd, the interior makes excellent use of the narrow space and looks warm and inviting. We mixed natural materials and faux finishes to create an interior that gives off a sense of familiarity and comfort, yet allows the eye to be enticed by colors, textures and details.

Artista Dolce Dessert Art Studio Design

As a place where buying and consuming sweet treats comes with the option of creating your own dessert and chocolate, Artista Dolce Dessert Art Studio needed a design that would suggest both the “sweet” and the “creative” part of their business concept. By using a variety of pastel colors, we attempted to bring about mental associations with candy and sweets, but also create a dainty, airy space, perfect for the cheer of birthday parties or baby showers. Chocolate-colored swirls fill part of the ceiling and walls, suggesting the energy and joy of the creative act.

Atlas Mechanical Engineering Office Interior Design

Dark, small and hardly functional, the old Atlas Mechanical Engineering office needed remodeling and rebranding. We reconfigured their space into two large rooms that allow the right people to sit and work together, and we gave the interior a much-needed facelift. Making use of the company’s brand colors, we designed a space that steps aside from the typical impersonal office, and where purple suggests and inspires the creative drive. 

Ian Ely Gallery Interior Design in La Jolla

A simple project meant to bring an existing space up to local standards, the Ian Ely Gallery provides a sophisticated background for the artist’s amazing photography. Spacious, smartly illuminated and boasting a clean, elegant design, the gallery is cut to the taste of the polished art lover.

Beary Bliss Yogurt Shop Design in Big Bear, CA

Located in downtown Big Bear City, CA, the Beary Bliss yogurt shop is the perfect place to sit and relax after a day of hiking and skiing. We used bright tones and playful patterns against a light neutral background as a way to reinvigorate the spirit after a busy day. The mix of complimentary colors creates a dynamic, yet pleasing and relaxing space. An island of color in the middle of a town surrounded by nature, Beary Bliss provides a beautiful balance to the neutral tones of the lake and forest.

Law Office Interior Design

Weber and O’Neill law office has moved from an old location (that we also designed) into a new space. The place was very small, but we were able to create a cozy interior where customers feel comfortable and secure.  The “homey” vibe comes from the use of large upholstered seating pieces, much removed from the typical office chairs, as well as from the presence of patterns and warm, dark-stained furniture. Glass doors open the space, while the elegant finishes show great attention to detail.  

IWash Car Wash Development and Branding

“Simple, modern, memorable” were the requirements for the design of a new futuristic car wash built in El Cajon, CA. While the lines are definitely simple and modern, the memorable details come from the use of color – so ignored in the design of such functional spaces – from the elegant logo and from the overall feel of the space. IWash is a place where you can feed your appetite for beauty even in the middle of a mundane activity.

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