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March 2017


Hello Everybody!

There are four design trends you may want to follow if you plan a redesign of your space in 2017. Keep it simple. Bring in the light by using transparent materials. Cover your walls in bold art.  Add brass accents to make your space shine. Below, you will see some example of interior designs that follow these principles of simplicity, transparency and boldness. Read and get inspired!

And a bonus: Beauty Bakerie cosmetics store will open its first store in Westfield Mission Valley Mall, San Diego, this spring. You can find out how we merged the two apparently different notions of beauty and dessert into one colorful interior design of this store. 

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EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

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2017 Interior Design Trends - Simplicity in Commercial Spaces

2017 Interior Design Trends - Simplicity in Commercial Spaces

Designer: Bruzkus Batek All photos: ait-online.de The road to simplicity is usually long and convoluted. Fortunately, contemporary design seems to embrace simplicity, which is one of the main trends in 2017 - and often hard to achieve. Here is a great example of simple yet effective design. Located in Berlin, the third location of the Zalando online retailer was designed by …

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Shaping Space with Transparency

Using Brass to Achieve Transparency in Commercial Interior Design

Using Brass to Achieve Transparency in Commercial Interior Design

Via wallpaper.com Designer: Neri & Hu All images: wallpaper.com “Brass decor” usually calls to mind images of solid metal items. However, a Shanghai-based design office managed to use brass to create the feeling of transparency and give a five-story space the vibe of a delicate Oriental lantern. Designed by Neri & Hu, the project was completed for Sulwhasoo, a Korean skincare …

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Using Bold Wall Art

Bold Colors and Wall Art - New Trends in Commercial Interior Design

Bold Colors and Wall Art - New Trends in Commercial Interior Design

Photo: designboom.com Bold wall treatments are a growing trend in 2017, and for good reason. Walls offer an ample background for decorative elements that can make a statement and instantly change the vibe and mood of a space. But rather than using heavy materials to achieve an aesthetic combination of color, texture and light reflections, many designers today seem to …

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Incorporating Brass Accents

Beauty Bakerie Store Front

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Store to Open in San Diego

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting Store photos courtesy of Beauty Bakerie A San Diego store found a way to mix the fascinating worlds of cosmetics and desserts, and we are the ones behind its interior design. Opening in April this year in Westfield Mission Valley, the Beauty Bakerie cosmetics store has a mouth-watering interior reminiscent of scrumptious dessert bakeries. The idea of a …

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