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December 2017


Hello Everybody!  Happy Holidays!

2017 is almost done, and it's time for our traditional look back at what we accomplished this year. 
Here are just a few projects we completed in 2017, accompanied by some pictures of the same spaces before they were transformed. A cosmetics store, a crepes kiosk and a car wash may not have much in common, except when they grab the attention of passers-by with their unique design. Read below how we accomplished this, one square foot at a time. 

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Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

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Beauty Bakerie - A Fun Interior Design Concept

Mixing the concept of beauty and dessert, Beauty Bakerie is a mouth-watering cosmetics store in Westfield Mission Valley shopping mall, San Diego. In creating this space, we used a subtle way of stimulating an appetite for shopping. Set against a vibrant pink, tan and turquoise background, the products are displayed as in a dessert store, in a lush and appetizing display of colors and textures. 

And here is how the project started, see an image below.  The previous store was lacking any identity and had  terrible lighting.

Read more about Beauty Bakerie project in our Blog below. 

Beauty Bakerie Store Front

Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Store to Open in San Diego

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting Store photos courtesy of Beauty Bakerie A San Diego store found a way to mix the fascinating worlds of cosmetics and desserts, and we are the ones behind its interior design. Opening in April this year in Westfield Mission Valley, the Beauty Bakerie cosmetics store has a mouth-watering interior reminiscent of scrumptious dessert bakeries. The idea of a …

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Olala Crepes Kiosk Design and Branding

Designed in the crafty hipster style, the Olala Crepes Kiosk located in the heart of San Diego Liberty Public Market mixes the warmth of wood with that of a brown-centered palette to create a cozy, inviting ambiance. The earthy, rich tones of brown are comforting yet sophisticated, making the customers feel at ease and pampered. We also designed the Olala Crepes logo, as well as their business and loyalty cards in a simple, playful manner that corresponds to the image the business wants to project. 

Below is a before image of the kiosk's location.

Read more about Olala Crepes in Liberty Station in our Blog below.

Olala Crepes Branding and Kiosk Design, Liberty Public Market

New Olala Crepes Kiosk is coming to San Diego Liberty Public Market

Interior Designer: Mindful Design Consulting, LLC Branding Designer: Mindful Design Consulting, LLC We have recently added a new branding and interior design project to our (already hefty) portfolio. This time, it is the Olala Crepes kiosk in the heart of San Diego Liberty Public Market. A cool concept - and an even cooler place to hang out - the Liberty …

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Olala Crepes 2nd Location! Parisian Flair

For a second Olala Crepes location in San Diego, we developed the initial concept by introducing French-inspired elements into the design. Brick walls with sconces reminiscent of street lights evoke the cobblestone streets of Paris. Oversize images of famous Parisian sights create the feeling of a French bistro. We turned a narrow, uninspiring space into a charming yet laid-back hang-out place. 

And below is a quick look at the Olala Crepes Gaslamp District location before...

Read more about Olala Crepes 2nd location project in our Blog below.

The New Olala Crepes Restaurant in San Diego Boasts a Hipster-Style Design with a French Vibe

The New Olala Crepes Restaurant in San Diego Boasts a Hipster-Style Design with a French Vibe

Interior Designer: Mindful Design Consulting, LLC When designing a new space for Olala Crepes in San Diego, we had the chance to develop even further the concept of a crafty hipster-style dessert store infused with Parisian flair. Mindful Design Consulting has already worked on the Olala Crepes kiosk located in the heart of the Liberty Public Market, a laid-back, functional …

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Scoops - The Ice Cream Store by the Ocean

We wanted the interior design concept of Scoops, a hip ice cream store in La Jolla Shores, San Diego, to capture the beauty of the ocean and of this fortunate location. Designed in a chromatic palette that evokes the colors of the sand and the ocean, Scoops mixes rustic and industrial details for a place that satisfies contemporary tastes while remaining warm and inviting. 

Below is a photo of the same space before.

Read more about Scoops Ice-cream in La Jolla Shores project below.

Ice Cream Store Interior Translates the Beauty of the Ocean into Elements of Design

Ice Cream Store Interior Translates the Beauty of the Ocean into Elements of Design

Interior Designer: Mindful Design Consulting, LLC La Jolla Shores in San Diego is a sought-after community and a favorite beach for kayakers, swimmers and snorkelers. With the ocean on one side and a neighborhood with ocean-view villas, charming cottages and a shopping district with a small town vibe on the other, La Jolla offered us more than enough inspiration to …

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Modern Car Wash Building Design and Branding

Nobody said car washes have to be boring and uninspiring. Using bold tones of orange and blue against a neutral background, we created a concept that attracts the eye with its surprising details. The design of My Express Car Wash in Compton, Los Angeles area, makes use of perforated exterior metal panels to introduce an artistic element into the mix. We designed the company's logo and business cards in the same colors and with the same modern vibe.

Below you can see the lot where the future car wash will be built.

Read more about My Express Car Wash project below.

Modern Car Wash Design Attracts Customers with Attention to Detail

Modern Car Wash Design Attracts Customers with Attention to Detail

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting, LLC Architect: Karnak Development, Inc.  From a design point of view, car washes are rarely inspiring places. Yet this is the exact reason why excellent design can make them stand out. It is the case of the new My Express Car Wash concept in the Los Angeles area (800 W. Alondra Blvd. and 961 S. Wilmington …

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