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May 2015


Hello everybody! In our May newsletter we will share some incredible colors that were used in commercial interiors around the world.

All the colors in our environment, natural or man-made, are perceived by our eyes and processed by our brain in a few milliseconds.  Based on that information we judge what we see or get emotionally stimulated.  Look at the images below and ask yourself what thoughts and reactions do you get looking at these spaces.  And how can you improve your business space by using colors?

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In our Green News below learn about the future of furniture design which will save time, money and may even save our planet!  Have you seen 3D printed furniture yet?

Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

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Colorful Co-working Space

Are you working from a co-working place?  If not you should try. Co-working offices is one of the fastest growing business models around the globe and some hire talented interior designers to design their interiors.  Learn more about this colorful co-working space in Thailand.

Office Interior Design

Brightly Colored Co-working Office – Commercial Interior Design News

This new innovative co-working office interior is full of colors! Via www.interiordesign.net Designer: Studio of Design and Architecture All photos courtesy of Studio of Design and Architecture Klique Desk, a new co-working company, has opened a new office in Bangkok, Thailand, and the interior design of the space will trigger all your color sensors! The local design firm Studio of …

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Pink Train Station

Why do new train stations have to be so  industrial in grey or white colors?  Why not make them pink?  Take a look at this train station interior design in Taiwan and let us know what you think.

Colorful Interior Design

Amazingly Colorful Train Station – Commercial Interior Design News

Via worldarchitecturenews.com Architect: Bio-architecture Formosana All Photos courtesy worldarchitecturenews.com Miaoli Railway Station’s interior design welcomes the traveler through use of unique cultural design and technology. The interior design of a railway station can set the mood for a person’s entire trip. Miaoli Station in Taiwan displays designs inspired by Taiwanese cultural folk art. This beautiful work of interior design is …

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Inspiring Colors of Children's Hospital

Children's hospital is a sad place to visit.  These Mexican interior designers came up with a fun inspiring concept full of bright colors for a Queretaro rehab center.

Bright Colors in Hospitals

Colorful Hospital Design Gives Hope – Commercial Interior Design News

Colorful Hospital Design Gives Hope – Commercial Interior Design News.  Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic is Full of Colors! Via worldarchitecturenews.com Architect: Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos All photos courtesy Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos Teletón Infant Oncology Clinic in Queretaro, Mexico used Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos as their interior designer for its Queretaro rehab center. The city of Queretaro was chosen for its centralized location …

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School in Bright Stimulating Colors

Any school is a place of inspiration and learning.  Take a look how this school in Munich figured out some unique ways to stimulate students' minds.

School Interior Design

Bright Colors in School Interior Design – Commercial Interior Design News

Bright Colors in School Interior Design Via www.worldarchitecturenews.com Architect: Projektarbeitsgemeinschaft Behnisch Architekten Architekturbüro Leinhäupl + Neuber Address: Am Sportpark, 84030 Ergolding, Germany The Secondary School Ergolding is an excellent example of the use of color in an architectural setting. Located 70km outside of Munich in Germany, the school recently won a WAN use of color award for 2014. The Ergolding …

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White Pallets are Feast for the Eyes

Who can say that white color is boring looking at this unique restaurant interior design?

Restaurant Interior Design

Feast for the Eyes Restaurant Design – Commercial Interior Design News

Guadalajara's Hueso Restaurant Interior Design Provides a Feast for the Eyes! Via www.interiordesign.net Designer: Ignacio Cadena All photos courtesy Ignacio Cadena With an interior washed in white and antlered skulls covering the walls, it is no wonder why this restaurant bears the name Hueso—the Spanish word for bone. Located in Guadalajara in the heart of Mexico, designer Ignacio Cadena’s Hueso …

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3D printing is one of the fastest growing fields which will change the design industry into something completely different.  Take a look at some of the first 3D printed furniture pieces.

3D Printed Chair Design

Will 3D-Printed Chair Replace Upholstered One? – Commercial Interior Design News

3D-Printed Biomimicry Chair to Replace Traditional Upholstered Furniture Via www.treehugger.com Designer Lilian van Daal All Photos courtesy © Lilian van Daal The furniture of tomorrow may look very different than today’s conventional pieces of decor. With a more eco-friendly future in mind, designers feel the need for simplifying both the manufacturing process and the materials used in building furniture. Responding …

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