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January 2016


Hello Everybody!

Today I would like to talk about logo design and rebranding.  Designing a company’s logo is an essential part of building brand recognition. Companies take great pains in creating a “symbol” that the public can associate with their products or services and with their standards of quality.

Like everything else, logos evolve and change according to the times. Our times seem to favor simpler logos, where busy aesthetics leave way to clean, easily recognizable graphics or scripts.

The list below shows that, if there is one common point in all the rebranding efforts, it is the obvious tendency towards simplicity and stylizing, maybe just a side effect of a general tendency towards minimalism. The chromatics are also changing, perhaps as a result of a deeper understanding of the way that colors trigger emotional responses.
As you may have noticed Mindful Design Consulting brand also had a complete makeover last year.  We've had the same look since 2008 and it became outdated and stagnant by modern design standards.  The new logo and colors represent the bright and cheerful work we usually do for our clients.  Please let us know what you think about our new brand!  You can see our new website with the new colors HERE.

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Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer

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Shell Logo Transformation

From the black-and-white image of a rather impersonal shell with which the company branded itself in 1900, the company’s logo went through chromatic changes and a few less stylized stages. The ever evolving details of the shell were gradually dropped until a simplified, boldly colored version replaced them. The logo is so well known today that it needs no additional script to be recognized.

New Minimalistic Nike Logo Design

One of the best examples of the modern appetite for minimalism is Nike’s logo. After it started with the 1971 “swoosh” doubled by the company name, Nike kept the graphic, but improved on the script using capital letters. In the end, the company completely dropped the script and went with only the swoosh, highly recognizable today. The graphic is a good depiction of what Nike wants to suggest, which is athletic energy and movement.

The History Of Pepsi Logo

Sometimes, the evolution of a logo is dramatic. The history of the Pepsi logo is as fascinating as the history of the company itself and tells the story of the ever-changing public tastes and the evolution of social aesthetics. Starting in 1898 with the name of the company in monochrome letters that scream baroque, the logo gradually dropped the flourishes for a simpler face. Somewhere mid-century, a bottle cap in red, white and blue found its way on the logo. Today, the highly stylized logo (with a circle instead of a bottle cap and simple lettering that do away with capitals) retains only the apparent love for curves, but would be unrecognizable to the 1898 Pepsi drinker.

Coca-Cola Logo Evolution

Unlike Pepsi, Coca-Cola proved itself quite loyal to some of the early logo designs, creating one of the most recognizable commercial symbols in the world. At the beginning of the 1900s, the company graduated from the drab capital letters to the Spencerian script that remains to this day the logo’s signature. There is also a chromatic improvement, with the vibrant red seemingly suggesting energy and boldness

Highly Recognizable Mazilla Firefox Logo

There are cases, however, when the change is not necessarily caused by an urge to simplify, but by precise, factual reasons. Initially depicting a red phoenix (the browser’s initial name), the logo changed for legal reasons to a fox encircling the globe. It is not simple, nor color-stingy. But it is highly recognizable, unique and has a clear message.

Arby's Logo Design Journey

Sometimes, however, rebranding does not necessarily mean improvement. When this is obviously done just for the sake of change, older may prove better. Arby’s is a good example.
In 2012, Arby’s tried to take its logo into the new millennium by giving it a 3-D facelift. The original logo consisted of a tall, stylized cowboy hat paired with a very appropriate Western script. The new logo shortened the hat by giving it a more consistent 3-D body, the company’s way of lending the graphic a more “modern” look. But the fatal mistake was replacing the Western script with an impersonal lowercase Futura font that seemed more like a decision made on a whim, and made a strange pair with the cowboy hat. After 2013, in an inspired move, the company reverted to a 2-D logo, revisiting the font and bringing it half-way back to the original.
This illustrates an important point: people are generally resistant to change. When a company’s logo has been around for enough time to evoke childhood memories, an uninspired change can feel like no less than a personal affront. That is why companies need to have a good reason to attempt any rebranding, other than an accidental desire for change.

Why Mindful Design Consulting Changed Their Logo

So what is our story? Our old logo derived from an old project, a floor plan of a chapel with five elements: fire, water, air, earth and spirit. It encompassed all that we need to implement into a space designed to be mindful. The chromatic is intentional: the blue and gray were picked to suggest trust and balance.

However, the need for simplicity and the desire to send a message of optimism, excitement and confidence convinced us to rethink our logo and create a new, colorful one as our company’s emblem. The new logo combines simple bold lettering and strong colors, careful chosen for their emotional effect. We hope that this logo is a fair bearer of our message – that we are creating environments that enhance human experiences and have a positive effect on people’s emotional wellbeing.

Below you can see a few examples from a design process we went through designing our new logo.

If you are thinking to open up a new business or in a process of rebranding and remodeling your existing business, contact us to get a free consultation from Mindful Design Consulting. Click HERE to price your project design.

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