Office Lobby Design

Creative people need creative spaces to collaborate and to produce their best work.  This contemporary office is the bright example and it happen to be the legacy of Leo Burnett – one of the most known advertising company’s in history!  (think of Marlboro man , Pillsburry doughboy, and  Green Giant) Their newly redesigned Sydney office was made to match the company’s values of community, creatively and efficiency, as well as to reflect the way a creative agency works and collaborates.

Waiting Area Lounge

The “unfinished” look is the main design concept suggesting that creative ideas are never finished. The missing ceiling tiles hint that ideas can get so big that the ceiling will eventually pop!

Office Design

The coarse urban and industrial surrounding of Walsh Bay is accentuated by layering of raw materials like plywood ceilings, exposed ducts and pipes, rough timber floorboards, a brick reception wall and unfinished timber screens.

Office Design

Visitors are welcomed to Leo Burnett office with giant wall art pieces which immediately create a bold statement of being serious about advertising business.  Rotating images on the LCDs showcase agency’s workers and samples of past work, letting you in on their creative process, and opening up their philosophy. Huge success stories are definitely a part of their overall culture!

Office Lobby Design

The kitchen is filled with comfy furniture, nurturing the generation of creative ideas through relaxation.  And once you are hit with an inspiration,  you can let everyone know by ringing the “creative” bell!

Lunch Room

The long kitchen table looks as if it is ready for a big family gathering.

Conference Room Table

The Meeting room table is looking as harsh as a new idea about to be developed. The center of the table is filled with toys just in case you need something to illustrate your new idea.

Office Wall Art

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