Combination of bold colors in office design

Colors have more than an aesthetic role in interior design: They are sometimes used to create a metaphor or suggest an idea. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group, the Panama office in Stuttgart, Germany, shows how to use bold colors in office design to imply a sense of adventure. The atypical interior employs the power of color to let its visitors know that they enter a world where anything can happen.

Layering of bold colors in the hallway of advertising agency
Panama is an advertising agency, so daring to be different is assumed to come with the territory. Bold colors in its office design are a sign of self-confidence, and this is exactly the message this agency intends to transmit. The company’s can-do attitude is emphasized by a collection of unapologetic colors.

Multi-colored office interior
The building was constructed in the 1960s. The bright colors are an inspired match for its simple, modern lines and retain the character of the building. They follow and define the angles of the walls, emphasizing their relief and the cross-layering of the building. They also separate large areas of the ceiling and are reiterated on the surface of the counter, in a dramatic combination of color blocks and stripes.

Stripes of bold colors on the ceiling of the reception area
It is interesting to notice that the most vibrant colors are used in the receiving area, while the other parts of the office are more austere, even if bright colors still make a presence. It is the customers that these vivid colors address in order to give them a sense of energy and enthusiasm.

Green ceiling in office design

Designer: Ippolito Fleitz Group
All photos: Zooey Braun via

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