Yogurt Shop Interior Design

Yogurt Shop Design

Above: Store 3D model by Mindful Design Consulting.

Apricato was one of the first yogurt shops Mindful Design Consulting designed in the US. And we will always have that special “newborn” feeling towards this fun project. Manoj and Meena Chopra, owners of the store, came to us wanting something unique and attractive to all ages. They also wanted to break away from the common colors schemes of other widely spread yogurt brands. Together with the help of the owners we accomplished that wish!

Above: Store Front Graphics by Mindful Design Consulting.

Store front was designed with the same fun character in mind as the interior.  Colors and the imagery immediately attract attention of passing by shoppers of all ages!

Above: Store Interior Branding Board by Mindful Design Consulting.

This is the final branding board of materials, finishes, furniture and lighting fixtures for Apricato yogurt shop.  The original idea was to have a fireplace in the space.

Above: Store colored elevations by Mindful Design Consulting.

The interior elevations above show one of the most intriguing details of Apricato brand – acrylic wall panels.  See the detail of the panel below.

Acryclic Wall Panels

Following are the branding PMS colors we selected for Apricato which are now used throughout marketing and printing materials.

Branding Color For Apricato Yogurt Shop

Above: Store logo design by Mindful Design Consulting.

Next month Apricato is opening their 3rd location after only a year in business. Congratulations!

Apricato Yogurt Shop Design by Mindful Design Consulting

See more images of Apricato Yogurt Shop and like them on Facebook HERE.

 On the left: A picture of this yummy fruit and granola parfait at Apricato Yogurt Shop was taken in front of a custom made acrylic wall panel, designed specifically for Apricato brand.

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