Yogurt Store Interior Design

Apricato Yogurt Shop Interior Design and Branding 3D model by Mindful Design Consulting

Apricato was one of the first frozen yogurt shops that we designed in the U.S. and an excellent opportunity to implement our unique design ideas. At the owners’ request, we decided on two goals: first, to create an interior that appeals to all ages; second, to break away from the typical color scheme of other yogurt brands and come up with an original idea. By using a fresh color palette, modern furnishing and a few unexpected elements of design, we achieved just that.

Yogurt Store Floor Plan

Yogurt shop floor plan with finishes by Mindful Design Consulting

We decided on a peach, teal and green color combo that offered enough chromatic contrast, while giving the space a playful and refreshing vibe. The peach shade, with its fruity and appetizing undertones, became quite naturally the main actor in this mix. As part of the branding strategy, we adopted a fun font and a cartoon character (as a throwback to the company’s name) in the logo. 

The branding PMS colors we selected for Apricato were used throughout marketing and printing materials.

Yogurt Store Logo Design

Store logo design by Mindful Design Consulting

For the interior design, we used these delicate yet dynamic colors against a background of neutral shades such as white, grays and browns. This final branding board of materials, finishes, furniture and lighting fixtures for Apricato yogurt shop shows the vision we had for the interior design, along with the original idea of having a fireplace.

Yogurt Store Materials Board

Store interior branding materials board by Mindful Design Consulting

The easy-to-clean laminated wood planks with gray and brown overtones was used along speckled rubber flooring that defined the seating area and was reminiscent of terrazzo. This combination ensured that the floor was resistant to heavy traffic, and it introduced curved lines and some color contrast into the floor design.

Yogurt Store Interior Design

Apricato Yogurt Shop Interior Design and Branding 3D model by Mindful Design Consulting

While we only treated the walls with solid paint, a few linear details and neutral-colored tiles in the self-serve area, we created solitary focal points with acrylic wall panels in a solid peach color. The panels boast a cutout pattern and consist of a sheet of glass between two sheets of vinyl. They became the the most intriguing details of Apricato brand.

Acryclic Wall Panels

Yogurt Store Interior Design Interior Elevations

Store colored interior elevations by Mindful Design Consulting

The lighting alternates between sleek, bell-shaped silver light fixtures above the counter and exuberant flower-shaped white chandeliers above the seating areas. Similarly, acrylic stools and chairs in solid brand colors alternate with comfortable upholstered armchairs flaunting a bold stripe pattern. This juxtaposition of contrasting materials, styles and colors keep the space fresh, allowing it to unravel step by step, in an exciting discovery of all its decorative details.

Yogurt Store Interior Design

The same idea lies behind the combination of metal and wood. Set against the chrome shine of the chairs and light fixtures, wooden vertical dividers bring an organic feel to the space. A striped zebrawood plastic laminate ties in with the dividers and the ceiling treatment. The curvature of the ceiling not only gives it a three-dimensional look, but also helps define different functional areas, while subtly calling to mind images of flowing yogurt. 

Yogurt Store Interior Design

We created a seating area around a fireplace, a quite unique element for a yogurt shop. We enjoyed the idea of offering customers an inviting space where enjoying yogurt treats goes hand in hand with winding down and relaxing in front of the fire.

Finally, the store front was designed with the same fun character in mind. The colors and imagery immediately attract the attention of shoppers, regardless of their age.

Store Front Graphics Design

Store front graphics by Mindful Design Consulting

 On the left: A picture of this yummy fruit and granola parfait at Apricato Yogurt Shop was taken in front of a custom made acrylic wall panel, designed specifically for Apricato brand.

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