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The atmosphere within Aroma of Shadow, a cosmetics boutique store, is soothing and extremely relaxing with muted lights and textured wooden panels over the windows that permit the sunlight to enter without the usual glare and harsh contrasts. Quaint wooden sofas with white cushions in the VIP room enhance the quiet atmosphere created by this unique store design.

cosmetics store interior design shelf

Glass partitions give a sense of spaciousness, and a branching wood pattern on the ceiling of the lobby brings to mind the graceful limbs of a tree. An open ceiling painted grey color behind the geometric ceiling pattern and in other places adds to the muted tone of this interior design.

cosmetics store interior design ceiling

The Aroma of Shadow essential oils store is in Taiwan and was designed by interior designer Waterfrom Design, a Taiwan-based interior design company. The store design of this particular shop includes a showroom, a VIP room, an office room and a training room.

cosmetics store floor plan

cosmetics store interior design display

The floor of this cosmetics store is designed by alternating different shades and texture wood.  Darker pieces of wood flow onto the wall to provide shelving used for some of the essential oils. The shelves alignment with the dark strips of wood on the floor create the appearance of a shadow cast by the slim posts. The natural striped pattern of the wood floor complements the striped wooden paneling on the sides of the counters in this store brand design.

cosmetics store shelving design

The bottles of essential oils are placed in wooden cabinets or shelves throughout the room. Some shelves are designed as an interlocking geometric pattern, reminding of a fun puzzle game. Colorful (in color of the year Radiant Orchid) tiled drawers go below the “puzzle” shelving.

cosmetics store interior designer

The interior designer of this store created an in credible brand design to reflect the patterns of nature: soft lights, marble counters, plant-like imagery, and shadow-like impressions on the ceiling above larger objects such as the sofas and the counters. According to the designer, the fragrance of a plant is its shadow. Thus, the nature-like environment of Aroma of Shadow complements the delicate scent of the essential oils that fills the shop with invisible waves of fragrance.

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