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When opening a new business, you have to prove not only what you can do, but, most importantly, what you can do better than your competitors. Getting ahead of the competition is a monumental and never-ending task that requires you to employ every available tool. Here is a short three-item list of tried-and-true ways to make your business attractive to customers and increase your chances of success. 

1. Make it look appetizing on social media platforms.

Your restaurant menu and presentation may be outstanding, but if nobody knows about it, you’re missing on some serious opportunities. Today, being present on social media platforms is almost a must for a successful business. And when it comes to sharing what you have to offer, letting images talk is the better option.

Olala Crepes Store Design

Olala Crepe Social Media Photos.  Olala Crepes store design and branding by Mindful Design Consulting

Juicy images of food on social media platforms may make some hungry potential customers run to your new business’s door. Some masterful snapshots of your well-designed restaurant interior may throw them in the mood for planning the next dining event. Do not underestimate the power of a picture well placed. Regardless of what services you offer, make both your products and your interior worthy of a picture – then take it and post it. Finally, use these images to create anticipation when you come up with a new product, service or interior design.

Ice-Cream Shop Interior Design

Homemade icecream from JoJo’s Creamery, Encinita, California

2. Be current with trends.

Today, targeting individual requests is a must if you want your new business to thrive. Whether it is gluten-free, low-carb, low-calorie, vegan, natural or organic, make sure you keep up with these demands, and be ready to address the requests of all the clients you are targeting.

For example, some customers expect you to offer green and sustainable products. Others want to know that the products you sell are all natural or hand-crafted. Take your time to clearly define your potential target audience and its associated trends, then respond to these requests. Even better, shape and define your business as one that goes all natural, environmentally friendly or handmade. Customers appreciate clarity and will have an easier time when deciding whether to patronize your business.


Cosmetic Store Social Media

All-natural cosmetics social media images, from LĒNUS Handcrafted, San Diego, California

3. Turn your interior into a destination place.

If your new business is dependent on your physical location (such as a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, car wash etc.), invest in creating a beautiful and comfortable space. Being memorable is the shortest way to success, and your interior must be one that induces a state of well-being, of security or, if you so choose, of awe. A restaurant, a clothing store or a cosmetics shop can tell a story, make a statement, become bold with color or offer an unforgettable experience. Even a consulting firm or lawyer office needs to create a comfortable environment that minimizes stress and inspires trust.

Ohana Cupcakes Store interior design by Mindful Design Consulting

The key to achieving this is taking time to define your brand, make it highly recognizable and be relentless in connecting it to your products and services. Your interior design is a powerful tool in showing your brand. It allows you to express the philosophy of your company and target your specific demographics.

Do not limit “your brand” to the look of your business cards or the colors of your website. Use your interior design to allow your customers to immerse into the experience that you have to offer and burn your brand into their memory without them even knowing it. Elements of design such as colors, shapes, materials or layout can go a long way in making your brand recognizable and turning your new customers into loyal ones.

HoleyDonuts Store Interior Design

Holey Donuts! interior design by Mindful Design Consulting

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