Have you ever been puzzled trying to figure our what could make your office interior, or maybe your kitchen walls look slick and contemporary without spending too much money?  Well, here is an easy solution – back painted glass!

Back Painted Glass in Office

Not only back painted glass look slick, it becomes a very functional surface and can replace your dry erase board.

Back Painted Glass in Kitchen

Photo came from HERE.

Back-painted glass is a clear glass that is painted on the back and then sealed or baked, but its color shows through with much more depth.  Here are some benefits of using back painted glass:

  • Clean contemporary look
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be functional as dry erase board or, if painted with metallic paint, as a display with magnets
  • Can become a wonderful design element in an office, restaurant, salon, cafe or at your home kitchen.

Back Painted Glass in Kitchen

Take a look at this fun site I found where you can test drive your new back painted glass backsplash HERE!

When choosing your back painted glass, consider what type of glass to use. You can choose either regular or starfire glass, which (lead-free and low-iron) lacks the slight greenish tinge and is more expensive. Tempered glass is recommended for use behind a stove but is not necessary behind a kitchen counter or sink. Learn more HERE.

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