Wood-paneled walls in contemporary bakery design

Ninina Bakery is a new eatery in Buenos Aires with delightful desserts and a novel approach to bakery design. True to his Armenian heritage, owner Emmanuel Paglayan offers to his ever increasing clientele delicacies such as baba ganoush and hummus that come as a good balance to the generous offer of baking goods. 

Dessert shop facade during day and night

Bakery interior design with traditional chairs, contemporary lights and wood finishes

The monochrome interior design was the brainchild of local architect Estudio Verardo. His playful inclusion of copper and marble, materials often found in old-world style bakery interior design, provides an excellent contrast with the overall modern look. He successfully combined different types of materials in shades of brown to achieve a warm and welcoming environment.

Track lighting above counter in dessert store

Dessert display on stone counter

The interior designer used the sleek countertops and tables, the unpretentious lines of the chairs and the overall utilitarian simplicity as a backdrop to place the extravagant cakes and decadent desserts in the center of attention. From chocolate delights to light fruit pastries, Ninina Bakery has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Yet, it is also a great place for a casual lunch or for spending an hour over a delightful cup of tea or coffee.

Bakery seating area seen from above

Industrial stairs leading to the upper floor in bakery interior

Ascending the industrial looking stairs reveals the true secret of the eatery: an unobstructed view of the kitchen. The vast expanse of the second floor is broken up by inviting armchairs and soft, light green side tables. As a strategic decision, the interior designer placed these comfortable seats to give a prime view of the stainless steel covered work surfaces, allowing patrons to witness the innermost baking secrets of the pastry chef.

Full view of the kitchen included in the bakery design

Relaxed seating area in contemporary bakery design

The kitchen’s glass roof, the large windows, the overall wooden floors and wall paneling exude a natural, unassuming and tranquil feel. Balancing the minimalist décor, well-placed spot lighting creates a cozy, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that is sure to bring back clients time and again.

General view of bakery with dessert display, seating area and stairs

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