Bank design

Banks’ commercial interior design.  If you walked into this space, where would you think you are?  I would never guess that this is a bank!

bank interior design

This extravagant bank design interior concept for BNP Paribas in Paris was created by Paris architect Fabrice Ausset of Zoevox.

Cank Interior Design

Not only the colors of the space bring cheerful feeling to its visitors… the honeycombed ceiling and surrounding mirrors also create an almost Disney movie set atmosphere in this space.

Bank Interior Design

I am not sure when this space was designed, but I see another creative way of using the color of the year 2011 honeysuckle here!

In addition to custom furniture and furnishings, the bank has furniture by Christophe Delcourt, Philippe Hurel, Paola Lenti, Christian Liaigre, India Mahdavi, Antonio Lupi (lavabo), Pierre Paulin and Philippe Starck,  and lighting by Sylvie Coquet, Adrien Gardère, Poul Henningsen, Marco Merendi, Karim Rashid and Patricia Urquiola.

Bank Interior Green Wall

A large size green wall gracefully completes this fun house of colors, shapes, textures and forms.

Bank Interior Design

The main goal of the designers was to entice the customers to discover, interact, experiment and to enjoy while banking.

Bank Interior Design

Looking at this conference room interior, I would say it’s fun to work in this bank as well.

Would you bank in a bank that looks like this?  I would definitely go in to check out their rates…

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