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Beautiful Western Red Cedar Siding For Any Application – Commercial Interior Design News

Western Red Cedar Siding is a Sustainable Choice for Any Application
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Did you ever wonder what is this beautiful wood being used so often on exterior of contemporary slick apartment buildings? You are probably looking at western red cedar siding.

Western Red Cedar Siding

Western red cedar siding is a perfect finishing choice to any home interior or exterior. It gained its popularity for its beautiful color, durability and resistance to outdoor weather.

Cedar is a lightweight wood and has a well uniform texture.  It makes it very easy to work with. It holds well adhesive bonds and paints and finishes extremely well because of a very low pitch and resin content. The Clear Vertical Grain cut of the boards makes them even more receptive to finishes. Cedar siding is naturally resistant to decay, moisture, and insects. Its fibers contain natural preservatives that are toxic to decay-causing fungi.

Western Red Cedar Siding

Cedar siding exceeds safety classifications for Flame Spread and does not require preservative treatments.  What a great material for exterior or interior siding application!

Western Red Cedar Siding

The siding can be installed (tongue and groove) horizontally or vertically. Furring strips for rain screen are available as well.  The siding can also be installed on interior ceiling.
Cedar siding comes in uniform lengths from 8’ to 12’. Longer lengths are also available.
This particular western red Cedar siding has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to come from responsibly managed forests.  If you dont’ know:  The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization which promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. So this siding will be a responsible and sustainable material to use on your next project.  Learn more about this material HERE. There are a few different companies offering this beautiful material.

IWestern Red Cedar Siding

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