Restaurant with elegant contemporary interior and felt ceilings

When it comes to interior design, ceilings are one area where a project with a low budget tends to cut corners. However, they have tremendous decorative potential and contribute decisively to the final ambiance of a space. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of carefully designed ceilings, they can check some important boxes in the function department. The textured ceilings that use products like those created by Hunter Douglas Architectural are a great example of beauty and function coming together.

Photo above: Foyer Leudelange, Luxembourg, by Essential Environments. Via Hunter Douglas Architectural 

The company works with designers all over the world in bringing to life beautiful textured ceilings that are hard to ignore. Their materials and ceiling systems create interior landscapes that range from cool to majestic. Here are a few of their products that caught our eyes.

Solid Wood Grill Ceilings

Wood planks made to measure and fixed together with aluminum dowels turn into easy-to-install grill panels that require no cutting on site. Adapted to the specific demands of the project, space and designer or architect, this apparently simple solution can bring in tremendous beauty and warmth. The panels create a layered structure, where hints of the ceiling above peek through the slats and provide a visual contrast that emphasizes the color and texture of wood. 

Curved solid wood grill ceilings in theatre hall

National Dance Theatre Budapest. Photo via Hunter Douglas Architectural 

For even more depth and a spectacular look, the wood grill ceilings can be combined with other decorative structures that bring curved lines into the design as an element of contrast. Since the spacing and direction of the slats is done according to the designers’ vision, the final look is a unique expression  of their creativity. The company offers more than 20 types of wood, which allows for the ideal pairing of the wood grill ceilings with the rest of the design, and gives you plenty of options when it comes to color and texture.

Layered textured wood ceiling in contemporary restaurant

Coffeehouse New York. Photo via Hunter Douglas Architectural

Stretch Metal Tiles

Available in various colors and mesh types, stretch metal tiles provide transparency and easy access to ceiling installations. The look is perfect for adding a distinct urban or industrial touch to a restaurant interior or for creating a hip vibe with unique details. Depending on their specific type, stretch metal tiles can bring into an office that touch of informality that transforms an uninspiring space into one where employees want to be.

Yellow stretch metal ceiling in urban restaurant

Pakhuismeesteren, Rotterdam. Photo via Hunter Douglas Architectural

Combined with acoustic pads placed on top of the ceiling system, the tiles provide excellent noise absorption. This makes them an excellent material for offices, but also for restaurants where creating a relaxing atmosphere by reducing the background noise is important.

Textured ceiling made of metal tiles in modern office

Biljartfabriek, Zolle, Netherlands, by BDG Architecten. Photo via Hunter Douglas Architectural

Modular Felt Ceiling System

HeartFelt® is Hunter Douglas Architectural’s patented ceiling system that allows designers to control the acoustic of a space. It comes in two versions: round and box-shaped panels, and in a total of 10 gray and earth tones. Beyond absorbing sound reverberations, felt appeals to the eye with its soft texture. 

Intimate restaurant with brick walls and felt ceilings

Cantina di David, Utrecht, Netherlands, by Brendan Bakker. Photo via Hunter Douglas Architectural

As a textile material, felt introduces another element into the design – the soft and welcoming texture of fabric. Its presence in the design of the ceiling is atypical and unconventional, which contributes to the unique character of the space. In addition, the risk for damages is low when  felt is the material of choice for textured ceilings.

Felt slats as ceiling treatment in contemporary restaurant

Foyer Leudelange, Luxembourg, by Essential Environments. Photo via Hunter Douglas Architectural 

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