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3-Story Mixed Use Building Remodel in Sausalito
Daniel Merriam’s New Gallery

One of the most incredible projects we had a chance to work on this year is the remodel of this 3-story mixed use building for the new owner, a world renowned artist Daniel Merriam. It was an exciting opportunity to work next to a talented artist and to follow his vision for the “Bubble Street” gallery on the waterfront of Sausalito, CA.

These are two renderings of the new design for the building facade on 565 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA.

As you can see on the BEFORE image below, the existing brick facade (circa 1981 building) was completely redesigned to illustrate Daniel Merriam’s artistic style. Additionally the new facade will enhance the historical waterfront of the world famous Sausalito. Daniel Merriam personally provided hand drawn details of the building’s elements (see the image below) as we worked on the construction documents for 2 different building permits. The facade went through a rigorous design review process and the approval by the Sausalito Planning Commission in collaboration with the local Sausalito architect Michael Rex. Currently the building is under renovation.

Planter detail – drawing by Daniel Merriam.

The interior retrofitting of the Bubble Street gallery is almost finished and the facade will be completed in the first half of 2012. If you are planning to be in San Francisco next year, please visit Sausalito and tell us what you think.

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