Large fish-scale wall pattern as a focal point in a beach-inspired ice-cream shop

Scoops La Jolla, a beloved ice cream shop that has served as a wonderful hangout spot for both local and visiting ocean lovers for the past six years, has opened the doors to its second location, this time at 1025 Prospect Street #130 in La Jolla, California. Having designed the interior of their first location, […]

Branding through interior design - incorporating unique lighting.

Creating a strong brand identity is essential for dessert shops, small retail stores and restaurants. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through thoughtful and intentional interior design. We have previously discussed the essentials of incorporating branding elements into your commercial space. Now, let’s explore some more examples of how you can […]

Incorporating branding elements into a boba tea store interior: dramatic and colorful mural.

If you want your dessert shop to stand out and be remembered, creating a unique and memorable customer experience is essential. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by incorporating branding elements into the interior design. When done right, the design can tell your brand’s story, evoke emotions, and create a space […]

Samples of oak flooring planks.

Have you ever stepped into a house, restaurant or store with stunning flooring that seemed to radiate warmth throughout the space? Chances are, you were standing on oak flooring. Did you happen to notice whether it was white oak or red oak? If you’re considering bringing this beautiful flooring into your own space, understanding this […]

Alternatives to high-end materials - faux marble wallpaper

Creating a luxurious ambiance in your store, restaurant or dessert shop doesn’t need to break the bank. Visuals are everything, and carefully selected materials that mimic the look of expensive ones can create the same grand effect for less money. Here are some affordable alternatives to high-end materials that can help you create an impressive […]

Use of wood and greenery in gourmet market design.

At Mindful Design Consulting, we are big on careful material selection, and we have more than once raved about new materials we’ve fallen in love with. The reasons go way beyond our understandable love for beautiful things and durable designs. Choosing the right materials has a lot to do not only with the beauty and […]

Interior design materials for office designs - wall panels made of wood sheets.

We are all for innovative materials that allow for creative use and unique looks – and we found some exciting options that can give your next project an edge. Used to give your walls, ceilings, and even furniture a textured look, these interior design materials from Materials Inc. add depth to your space, bring in […]

Creative boba tea store design with curved wood-slat ceiling structure.

A new boba tea shop is soon to open in Sarnia, Ontario, ready to offer its visitors delicious treats and a good time, all in a charming, newly created space. Bobaroma masters the art of high-quality boba beverages and pairs them with cakes, puffs and the delightful mochi donut in flavors ranging from strawberry and […]

Boba tea store interior in orange and blue

We recently added another boba tea store interior to our  extensive portfolio, this time with an interior design branding update of a well-loved franchise. Boba Nation primarily offers boba teas, smoothies, skakes, frappes and a myriad of other drinks for all contemporary tastes, but complements these offerings with desserts and savory treats. Our goal was […]

3D tiles in a bar as an example of the trendy innovative finishes in interior design.

In the field of commercial interior design, evolution is constant, with innovative finishes turning into trends that respond to an ever-changing industry. If you are a restaurant, cafe or dessert shop owner and plan to update your commercial space, learning about what is new in the world of design materials can lead you to unique […]

Display shelves in store, made of wood and other eco-friendly design materials

In today’s retail landscape, sustainability is more than just a buzzword—it’s a commitment that resonates deeply with consumers and can significantly impact a brand’s reputation. For small retail store owners, incorporating eco-friendly design materials into store interiors is an excellent way to demonstrate this commitment. Not only does it appeal to environmentally conscious customers, but […]

Restaurant countertop

When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance for a small restaurant, every detail counts. From the lighting to the furniture, each element plays a vital role in shaping the overall dining experience. Among these, the choice of countertop materials has a big impact. In a petite eatery where space is at a premium, the […]

Marketing collateral with custom printing.

Running a business involves facing a slew of decisions. Among the most critical ones is selecting the right printing company for your custom logo uniforms or other branded printing materials. But with so many options available, how do you choose? While price is certainly a factor, it’s essential to consider many other aspects as well. […]

Restaurant Design Flooring Options

Dessert shops are bustling and lively hubs of activity, where every element of the decor must be considered from a durability point of view. This includes the often-overlooked flooring that not only contributes to the overall aesthetic but also needs to withstand heavy foot traffic, spills and the wear and tear that comes with daily […]

Woman enjoying dinner in restaurant with sensory design.

A powerful approach that has gained traction in recent years in commercial spaces is sensory design. The strategic use of sensorial stimuli to evoke emotional responses and enhance the overall environment, sensory design offers your customers an experience that is harder to forget. From the scent of freshly baked goods to the sound of soft […]

Sweet Life Candy Shop and Arcade Interior Design and Branding

In the world of business and commercial spaces, success isn’t just about the products on the shelves or the services offered—it’s about the experience. One of  the crucial elements at the heart of this experience is customer flow, which is the path that guides visitors through your store ensuring that each of them encounters effortlessly […]

Small restaurant layout

You may dream of opening a quaint little restaurant that offers something different from the cookie-cutter interiors and services of the big chains. However, the small square footage of such a restaurant may come with challenges. How can you use your limited space in a way that makes your interior functional, efficient, and easy to […]

Elegant restaurant in neutral tones

The safety and security of your restaurant, its staff and guests are paramount. It is crucial not only to actively protect your property and inventory but also to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. With a myriad of security camera options available on the market, selecting the right one can feel like a […]

Mango Bliss Store Design by Mindful Design Consulting

Restaurant interior trends come and go, and businesses that want to retain their customers should always pay attention to these changes. What diners enjoyed yesterday may not be what they’re looking for today, so being able to change and accommodate these evolving tastes is essential for the success of a business. Here are a few […]

Choosing exterior lighting for a restaurant

Exterior lighting can significantly enhance the attractiveness and success of your business, especially during evening hours. It provides visibility, visual appeal, and offers a first opportunity to make a statement. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that your entrance and pathways are well-lit, allowing your customers to navigate to your entrance doors with ease. So, how […]

Wall mural with beautiful landscape and lush vegetation at the entrance of the hair salon for kids.

With the ever-evolving restaurant design landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential to creating memorable dining experiences that keep customers coming back for more. Design trends in commercial interiors are constantly changing, with the goal of creating spaces that appeal to today’s clientele while being visually stunning and functional. Photo above: IRT cafe table […]

Vape Shop Design by Mindful Design Consulting

In a world filled with large retailers that tend to lose the personal connection with their customers, small stores hold a special appeal. The intimate ambiance, the handpicked and carefully curated products, the personal touches, the ready and helpful staff are a just a few reasons why many people find these places pleasant and relaxing. […]

Customer taking a picture of an appetizing dessert

In the competitive world of culinary delights, the visual appeal of a dessert store is often just as crucial as its flavors. Designing Instagrammable dessert shops goes beyond traditional interior design. It has to do with crafting a space that not only delights the taste buds but also tempts patrons to capture and share every […]

There’s no denying your menu board is the centerpiece of your store’s interior design. While all the other elements of design contribute to the overall atmosphere, it’s the menu board that truly steals the show. Carefully watched, read, and analyzed, this is where the attention of all your customers is concentrated for a considerable amount […]

Before your customers can indulge in your sweet treats, they need to find their way to your door. That is why designing great outdoor signage for dessert shops plays a crucial role in the store’s business success by catching their eye and setting the tone for what’s inside. Your dessert shop’s exterior signage is not […]

Wood slat wall bench idea for a contemporary restaurant with natural vibes

Wall benches are essential furniture items for restaurants or cafes aiming to maximize their use of space. By taking advantage of every inch next to a wall, window or other vertical structures, they allow you to accommodate a large number of people in a relatively small area. Wall benches are more comfortable and sturdier than […]

Wooden slat wall in elegant restaurant interior

When talking about wood as a material for wall treatments, nostalgic images of the 70s’ dark panels may involuntarily come to mind. Despite the fact that the taste for that particular look is long gone, wood wall treatments have never really left the stage. They have always found their way into residential and commercial spaces, […]

Dessert bar design in orange, pink and aquamarine blue

In May 2024, residents of Prescott, Arizona, will have a sweet reason to celebrate: Mango Bliss Dessert Bar will open its doors to all lovers of ice cream, yogurt and gelato with refined tastes and eager appetites. The name is fitting: The shop promises “bliss in every bite,” while its menu suggests a large variety […]

Social media content displayed on a phone and laptop screen

Social media offers significant benefits for food entrepreneurs in the United States, primarily as a marketing and brand-building tool. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are ideal for showcasing food products, sharing menu updates, and engaging with customers. High-quality images and videos play a crucial role in attracting attention and defining a brand. These platforms […]

Modular pendants with minimalist designs.

Light fixtures are an excellent way of infusing your commercial interior with personality and charm. Towering over your space and visible from all angles, they are an opportunity to make a statement on a relatively small budget. Considering the abundant selection of fun light fixtures out there that use unconventional designs, shapes or materials, choosing […]