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A new Leafly Boba Bar franchise is opening in Huntsville, Alabama, and Mindful Design Consulting is behind its interior design and catching wall graphics. Our goal was an airy, fresh space, with a modern look, cool vibes and lots of character. We achieved this by creating large areas of contrasting colors against a neutral background, going big with our wall graphics, and choosing accents, materials and furniture that give the space a youthful feel. 

First, we created the canvas on which to draw our accent elements. White wall tile behind the counter, mirrored by an opposite tiled wall, makes the space look crisp and clean. The extensive use of white paint and the white quartz countertop add to this effect. The gray nuances of the floor tone down this bright background and anchor the space without weighing down the design.

Against this clean background, we built our accent pieces along two lines: First, large areas of bold, contrasting black and yellow tones; second, furniture in light wood tones that creates a relaxed, natural and informal look and tie in all the seating areas using this common theme. 

We used black as a second layer in our chromatic design and painted a few accent walls. Together with a black upholstered bench, black window frames and black modern light fixtures, it created the perfect backdrop for the vibrant splashes of yellow. While used sporadically, the bright yellow became the principal actor in the store’s color scheme and allowed us to draw the eye towards the large wall graphics we created for our client.

The soffit above the counter defines the area as the focal point of this boba bar design. It mirrors the rounded shape of the counter, in tandem with which mitigates this simple angular space, typical of small stores. The high ceilings were a great asset that we emphasized through the use of supple light pendants with thin elongated frames descending over the shop. The track lights, chandelier and pendants reiterate the combination of curved and straight lines that create a pleasant visual balance all around the store. 

Metal sheets as counter siding provide an excellent background for an oversized Leafly Boba Bar logo. 

The furniture is placed along the walls, allowing ample space for those who enter to reach the counter, and keeping this defining area in full view. We created four different seating areas, with different tables, counters and seating options, but similar through the use of the same materials and colors. Each has a different feel and role: Customers can choose to relax and people watch by the window, congregate in the back, enjoy the comfortable upholstered bench, or wait and sit together in the proximity of the counter.

The industrial chairs and stools provide a fitting balance to the wood-finished tables, counters and shelves. The coldness of metal and the warmth of wood create a combination that is both soothing and refreshing. The same recipe is used for the exposed shelves, with black industrial metal brackets or frames and wooden shelves. 

Boba bar material and furniture board

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