Boba tea store interior in orange and blue

We recently added another boba tea store interior to our  extensive portfolio, this time with an interior design branding update of a well-loved franchise. Boba Nation primarily offers boba teas, smoothies, skakes, frappes and a myriad of other drinks for all contemporary tastes, but complements these offerings with desserts and savory treats. Our goal was to create a look that attracts the young audience with which these offerings are popular, while also being enticing for first-time customers who want to try something new. 

As the first Boba Nation location with a seating area, the store required more planning to accommodate a sizable number of mall shoppers in search of refreshments. We took great care in infusing the character and visuals of the brand into the entire space and creating a look that is distinctive and easily recognizable. 

Counter-height table in boba tea store interior.

A more inspiring, distinctive look was exactly what was missing from the old interior design. We aimed to remedy this with the confident use of brand colors and design elements that allowed us to repeat them throughout the space in different shapes and forms.

We started at the entrance with an oversized logo of the brand and large graphic displays of the store’s offerings. To attract passers-by, we framed the outdoor area with LED lights. Depending on the direction from which visitors approach the store, we ensured they feel drawn in by at least one compelling design element. In the front, a turquoise counter-height table suggests the pleasure of drinking your boba tea while people-watching. On the side, a window allows a peek inside the store, just enough to make you want to experience more.

Entrance to the boba tea store, with oversized logo

Inside the store, the generous lighting combined with the exuberant use of colors is energizing and uplifting. The two brand colors are boldly used in horizontal wall stripes, alternating chairs, and a painted ceiling boasting a deep orange tone. Painted in the same rich color, the air ducts transform from a visual inconvenience into an asset that gives the ceiling some extra structure.

To balance this abundance of color, the furniture is simple and the accent pieces are limited. A few shelves and artwork pieces grace the wall, providing a layering effect to the uneven-length stripes.

Repeating brand colors in boba tea store interior

We took the opportunity to incorporate the store’s logo into the design of the tables, for a unique and personalized touch. Different seating options are available, including counter-height chairs and backless bench seating that we chose to maximize the space. The simple design of the front counter allowed us to reiterate the brand’s orange color and incorporate LED lights. 

The lighting is diverse, with simple yet elegant pendants and track lighting creating an interesting geometry above the tables.

Orange painted ceiling inside the store.

Seen from the mall, this boba tea store interior appears unified and cohesive in its use of brand elements, making it inviting and hard to miss to mall shoppers. LED lights framing the store entrance.

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All photos: Mindful Design Consulting

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