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As a place where minds are challenged and imagination is fed, libraries are the perfect place for experimenting with new ideas. Seizing the opportunity to give the Conarte library a unique face, the branding, architecture and software development firm Anagrama created a space that plays with visual perception, one that is as cozy as it is bold.

The library is located within Conarte, the council for culture and art in Monterrey, Mexico. Conarte itself encourages and advocates human expression through artistic creation, so the interior of its library is a perfect suggestion for this organization’s mission.

Due to their primary function as book repositories, libraries often suffer from a lack of originality in their interior design. This time, however, Anagrama reinvented the mundane library shelf by creating a rounded wooden structure that surrounds the reading area and gives the library patrons the feeling of being sheltered.


Library Interior Design
Preserving their original role of storing and displaying books, the bookshelves, however, become something more than functional pieces of furniture. Expanding over the reading area as a dome, they challenge the eye, play with the perspective and turn into an element with a definite aesthetic function.

While angles are still part of this structure, the wood seems to mold itself into curves, flaunting an unexpected flexibility. Under this dome, large steps are designed as seating places, in an informal, yet warm and comfortable reading space. An illuminated half circle rises in the back and extends the perspective.

Beyond the wooden structure, light against a pale blue color brings to mind the sky with its calls to explore the mysteries of the world and of human beings. It is a fit visual perspective for a place of inquiry and knowledge meant to inspire.

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