By Ekaterina KohlwesMindful Design Consulting

Have you ever walked into a business space and were shocked by the gloomy, uninviting surrounding created by bad lighting, crazy colors or even smell?

What about those times you entered a business and felt like your mood improved, as if you were uplifted and inspired?  Consider the space that surrounds you now – is it something that would inspire you to want to return and visit again?

Bakery Branding Design

As the population continues to grow, so too do the number of businesses in any given market including your own; to stay competitive, you have to become something that your competitors are not – even if you’re offering virtually the same products and services.  Likewise, there are vertical markets within every niche.

You must brand yourself in a way that sets you apart.

How customers perceive you will ultimately determine whether or not they return.

Hair Salon Interior Design

I am sharing by new e-Book to shed some light on a simple process you can use to brand your businesses and the necessity of that interior image.

“Branding by Interior” is aiming to bring insight on how you can turn your business into a market-dominating competitor.