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Part of the branding process is identifying the message you want to send to your target audience. If you look at the branding campaigns of major companies like Pepsi, you can discern the message that they’re trying to create, such as with the “Refresh” campaign created by Pepsi in early 2010.  Their overall message is to give back in every way possible and “every Pepsi refreshes the world”.

To create a message in your interior you have to figure out your personal message first. Let’s say if you are remodeling your corporate office and you want to showcase your teamwork and the high quality clients you serve, your interior will probably reflect that high standard with a very polished look.

headquarters of Tamdeen Group

Design of a headquarters for the Tamdeen Group, Kuwait.

Google is a prime example of how interior design can turn even a boring environment for programming into a veritable playground for employees and visiting clients. They place emphasis on relaxation and convenience while providing employees with ways to feel like they’re not at work while they’re at work.

Google Office Design

Google Office in Zurich

Some interiors may suggest a sensation of tranquility or relaxation such as with the interior of a Spa. Feelings of recuperation, relaxation and a close connection to nature can be useful for a Massage Centre. Other brands would prefer to place an emphasis on entertainment; for instance movie theaters, bars and night clubs.

Spa Design

Spa Villagio, Yountville, CA

The good news is you can use the overall design of your interior (and exterior) to send your own message once you’ve identified what you’re offering and you understand who your ideal client really is.

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