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For the stargazer or nature lover who also happens to be a lover of comfort, the Attrap’Rêves Hotel in France ( is a perfect match. With several locations across the country, the hotel takes the concept of “room” to a whole new level and offers its guests a 360-degree view. Sky above included.

Bubble Room Hotel

The rooms are transparent bubbles inflated by a silent blower and nested at the end of private paths. They allow the guest to contemplate nature unencumbered by walls, but protected from nature’s small nuisances (bugs or rain, for instance). Relaxing in the room with a full view of the night sky and having a front row to the beauty of nature is an experience nature lovers would find hard to pass.

Bubble Hotel Design

And this is exactly the idea behind Attrap’Rêves Hotel. While hotels are usually places where guests can have a good night sleep between two adventures, being in one of these bubble rooms is in itself an experience worth having. To increase their wow factor, the placement of the bubbles is selected to maximize the guests’ viewing pleasure.

Sustainable Hotel Design

For those who prefer more privacy, there are partially opaque bubble rooms that still retain a great view of the sky at night. Not far, a main building offers the usual hotel amenities, while each bubble has its own shower area, running electricity and constantly recycled air.

Bubble Room Hotel Design

Each room is designed around a certain theme and targets a certain type of guests – stargazers, honeymooners or Zen enthusiasts. The rooms are designed to be eco-friendly and have minimal impact on the surroundings. Built of recyclable materials, the bubbles are deflated at the end of the season, leaving nature undisturbed.

Unusual Hotel Design

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