I recently started this project in Los Angeles, CA.  It’s an existing Car Wash and the owner wants to add a cafe shop into the existing small shop space.  Let’s see how we can spice it up!  The building is older than I am and is in pretty bad shape.  The client is on a budget.

The front of the building is camouflaged to its customers by the tracked gate and by the location of the store itself.  We will remove the front wall and place a large glass store front.  It will create a bright inviting space inside to the passersby. The gate style will have to change too.

Also, there is no identity to the car wash itself.  Everything inside and out is painted white color.

Please check in with me later to see the design progress for this project.

Front of the Car Wash Studio

Front Of Studio Car Wash

North Entrance from the Inside

South Entrance with Supporting Beams


To see the progress of this project look HERE.