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We’ve all heard about water crisis and the drought in California within the last few months.  But what is really happening out there above the ground that is effecting all of us here in beautiful California? “The immediate cause of the drought is a lingering pocket of high pressure, a wall of air, sitting off the West Coast and deflecting moisture-bearing storms away from California.”  Washington Post states.  So, global climate change is effecting our atmosphere and in return we are getting less rains in CA, or even worse precipitation is being redirected to some other parts of the word.  But my question is not what is already happening, but what can I personally do in my every day life to help with water shortage right now?

drought ca what to do water

Here is the main and simple thing we can do right now: we have to limits our water usage!

Easy said than done?  Yes.  But maybe it’s not that difficult.  I was looking at my own household water usage on everyday bases and realized that most of our water is being wasted away by simply waiting for HOT water to even show up for whatever I do: wash my hands, brush my teeth, take a shower, you name it!  With that said I found one simple solution in this product that can shorten the wait.  The instructions seem simple and clear.“The Quick Water Pro II™ brings you steaming hot showers, ready at a moment’s notice. It also cuts your bills and takes a huge chunk out of our water demand.”

drought ca what to do to save water now

Now imagine how many times you tern on your water and how many people in your house do the same thing.  That’s a huge chunk of water being sent down the drain waiting! What I like the most about Water Quick Pro is I do not have to scale down on doing what I’ve been doing, I can just cut my waiting time out of my life, which will hopefully make me on time to my meetings now. 😉

drought ca what to do save water

We also forget how lucky we are to live in such a progressive country that developed a sophisticated plumbing system with all the fancy showers, tubs and pools.  Giving back to the rest of the world is our duty and our pride.

drought ca what to do water shortage

What I also like about Water Quick Pro idea is that it is not a temporary solution for the current CA drought, but for years to come.  Only imagine all of the houses in CA do not have to wait for the hot water to show up, how much savings that would be!?  Below is a little video on what’s happening in CA right now.  Maybe you still don’t know?

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