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Capturing the feel of a dark, humid and mysterious wine cellar was the goal of the London-based Glithero design team (British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren ) when creating the hanging bead chain installation for champagne house Perrier-Jouët. The ethereal structure is entitled Lost Time, a reference to the sense of timelessness that designers felt in the Perrier-Jouët wine cellars in Epernay, France.

There are many references in this Glithero creation to the different elements of the dark caves where champagne is bottled. The installation is an interesting example of how art presents a stylized, embellished version of reality, using artistic means to extract and reveal its inner beauty.

The hanging bead chains have the shape of upside-down domes, but despite their architectural undertones, they give off a delicate vibe. In creating them, the designers were inspired by the glistening dew drops caught in spider webs in the depths of the wine vaults.

However, the beads have more suggestive power than just presenting a stylized version of a spider web. They are reminiscent of champagne bubbles and create an artistic bridge between the darkness within which the champagne is made and the pleasure it ends up giving.

The hanging beads installation is placed above a shallow water pool that reflects the sparkling structure and evokes the water puddles on the cellar floors.

It is easy to make the connection between the Lost Time installation and Antoni Gaudi’s physical models for the Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona, which were part of the designers’ inspiration. Instead of drawing, the Spanish architect would create architectural models using weighted chains or strings and creating perfect upside-down arches. He would then place a mirror underneath the structure to obtain an upright model.

The Lost Time installation was presented at the 2012 Design Miami fair, where it occupied a narrow, dark corridor. Its art nouveau vibe, with its decorative curves and desire to beautify reality, is in perfect accord with the link between the Perrier-Jouët history and this artistic movement. The Glithero creation is now housed within the Perrier-Jouët cellars in Epernay.

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