Photo: Slatted Wood Ceiling Design Trends via Woodfit Acoustics

In interior design, ceilings are not always treated with the respect they deserve. It is not surprising. After all, the eye rarely travels upwards, and other elements of design seem more likely to capture one’s attention. However, this is exactly why a well-thought ceiling treatment is a powerful tool in creating unique interiors. Adding to the surprise factor, the ceiling is generally a large space, unencumbered by too many other elements of decor, and that can be used to make a statement. We gathered here some ceiling design trends that we appreciate and that prove this point.

The best place to start is paint. Too often, ceilings are painted in one color or, at best, a few solid ones that emphasize its unique architecture. However, using paint to create bold graphics creates a huge visual impact, like in the case of this chevron ceiling in Stockholm-based Bar Central. Here, the daring pattern is paired with highly contrasting tones, so that the effect is even stronger. It is not much to say that this ceiling makes the room.

Photo: Bar Central

Ceiling patterns can be created using other materials than just paint. Boards with cutout decorative details have the additional benefit of bringing in some extra texture. They look equally well used all over the ceiling or placed in strategic places to emphasize the architecture of the ceiling or the role of certain functional areas. When used in conjunction with lighting, they can easily become the focal point of the room and take on a veritable artistic role.

Below, gold aluminum composite ceiling and wall panels create a continuous cell pattern screen that combines with LED lighting. 

Photo: Ceiling panels in HCS Apartments, Baltimore, MD, by RAZORTOOTHDESIGN, via Pinterest

Mirrors are another possible medium for patterns. These Grace & Webb laser-cut panels at South Place Hotel in London add height and evoke the dynamic, fluid look of a glittering water surface.

Photo: Grace & Webb laser-cut panels, via Pinterest

A metal mesh in a simple geometric pattern is the solution chosen by 4 Latas Restaurant and Bar in Barcelona, Spain, by architects Pepe Gascón and Víctor Sala.


While wood has never left the stage as a viable finishing option, it plays an even more important part in today’s ceiling design trends. Of course, this is partially due to a revived interest in rustic designs and to the appeal of unfinished materials or natural finishes. Treating the ceiling as one would treat the floors tones down the modern interior of this ski chalet and brings it in harmony with the outdoors.

Photo via Pinterest

You can take an even more “unfinished” route by using particle board as a ceiling treatment. Below, the warmth that these panels from Academy Tiles + Surfaces in Australia lend to this space is surprising. This is a great choice for the environmentally minded, since it makes use of wood waste. Wood also helps in thermal and acoustic insulation.

Photo: The Galeries Food Hall, Sydney, Australia, via Academy Tiles + Surfaces

For a more polished look that combines the natural tones of wood with geometric patterns, wood tiles appear as an attractive option in today’s ceiling design trends. These WoodTrac systems give the ceiling an awe-inspiring architectural vibe that takes the space to another level.

Photo via WoodTrac

If you find the look of wood too overwhelming for your space, you can enjoy its beauty in the form of a slatted ceiling system from WoodFit Acoustics. As an example, the CIMA Headquarters in London used this option to visually soften the look of a modern space and to create a clean, airy look, ideal for a pleasant work environment. In addition, the open design places the underlying ceiling structure within easy reach for periodic maintenance.

Photo: Woodfit Acoustics

Pattern and geometry are present in the unique Jury coffee shop in Australia that takes a more daring approach to using wood. The ceiling is a reiteration of the diagonal pattern on the walls and bar front.

Photo: Martina Gemmola via

In the end, materials favored by today’s ceiling design trends are only secondary to the power of creativity, perfectly illustrated in this unique brandy bar in Odessa, Ukraine. Made with brandy bottles that allow the light to peek through, this sculptural ceiling gives the visitor the feeling of a dynamic, moving body. It can also be seen as a tribute to a good time and as an example of what a creative mind can do with everyday items.

Photo: Pavel Babienko via

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