Front view of a neutral-toned bubble tea shop

Since 2007, Ding Tea has had the declared mission of bringing the Taiwanese tea culture to other parts of the world – and has successfully done so. We helped the franchise come even closer to its goals by creating the interior of their Chula Vista location in California and adopting a design that translates the joy of bubble tea into visual cues. Using neutral tones and polished accent pieces, this modern bubble tea store interior appeals to a young audience through its simplicity and cool vibes.

Different seating options in cool bubble tea store

We started with a background of white and gray tiles, gray-tinted floors and partially black ceilings. This combination introduces enough color and texture variation to keep the space interesting, yet it is subtle enough to allow the main actors to shine – the accent pieces and decorative details.

When it comes to details, the copper-tubing structure that delineates the counter defines the entire interior. Its curved lines and decorative mesh transform the entire prep and serving area into a stand-alone structure with its own character.

The copper-toned bases of the pedestal tables, the frames of the chairs, and the metallic light fixtures continue on the same theme and reiterate the texture and color of the copper tubing with their own reflections.

Full view of boba tea shop with counter and seating area

The charm of the entire space is rooted in the elegant finish combination and the subtlety of the details. The white counter siding tile stands out crisply against the patternless floor, while the textured gray bench tile offers a pleasant contrast with the bench upholstery and the wood wall details.

The various seating options give the impression of distinct seating areas, even though most of them share the same space along the side wall. These distinctions are created through subtle visual cues, such as the tiled background for the benches or the horizontal wooden slat for individual seating. The slim, minimalist furniture addresses the challenge of the limited available space, while their simple contours and elegant finish contribute to the polished appearance of the interior.

Other options include bar-height seating by the windows and comfortable upholstered chairs for larger groups who want to congregate around a table. Each seating option offers something, whether it’s comfort, street views or private space.

Bubble tea store interior with ingenious drip-effect ceiling detail

The light fixture combination creates beautiful layers of lighting and visual detail. Slim pendants with coppery reflections or details descend over the store, while track lighting emphasizes the counter, and wall-mounted lights highlight the seating area. All the light fixtures have curved or spherical elements that tie in with the lines of the counter structure or those of the bench wall tiles.

The ceiling, however, introduces the most dramatic element of the entire space. Treated differently above various functional areas, the ceiling is light-toned in the counter area, with recessed lights that keep it clean and well-illuminated. In the seating area, black paint visually opens up the space and creates the impression of an even higher ceiling. A 3D structure adds a tone-on-tone detail that enhances the ceiling landscape without detracting from the main focal point – the drip-effect laminate detail that marks the transition between the two areas.

Elevations for boba tea shop

The ceiling laminate detail has a counterpart in the detail of the front counter and is a clever way of suggesting the satisfying texture of milk tea. It also gives a dynamic vibe to the entire interior, with its seemingly spreading body that curves around the wall-and-ceiling angle. A large poster of a bubble tea treat by the front counter finishes the design and serves as both an art piece and an appetite stimulant.

To create more depth and visual interest, a faux finish technique was used for painting the side walls. Oversized renderings of the franchise name reign over these walls as the final touch to a bubble tea store interior that is as cool and exciting as the treats it houses.

Materials board for modern buble tea store interior

Designer: Mindful Design Consulting
All images: Mindful Design Consulting

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