Employee-friendly office design with splashes of color and open spaces

The design of an office speaks volumes about the culture of a company. If there is an emerging trend in the corporate world to acknowledge the realities of human nature and use them rather than ignore them, the Chicago-based public relation software development company Cision has definitely jumped onto the bandwagon. The company implemented an employee-friendly office design that acknowledges different preferences in work styles and steps away from the drab reality of today’s typical workspaces.

Blue touches in office interior

Cision’s new offices (spreading over a 50,000 square feet space) were designed by Eastlake Studio, a Chicago design firm with a hefty corporate interior design portfolio. Under the creative drive of its designers, the new offices became a space conducive to open communication and creativity-inducing comfort.

Separate office rooms accommodating different working stylesStepping away from cubicles and closed spaces, Cision’s new offices accommodate different work styles, allowing employees to move from desks to lounge-like work areas and from private work spaces behind glass doors to tables where communication happens spontaneously.

Seating area with colorful armchairs in employee-friendly office design

Recreational areas are an integral part of the design and places where the employees can change the decor, pace and focus as a way to invite innovation and creativity. A tendency towards minimalism and modern simplicity is evident in the design of every functional area.   

Recreation room in employee-friendly office

Bright colors are generously used throughout the space, but they come as splashes of color limited to certain functional or decorative elements. They do not distract, overwhelm or become the story. Instead, they provide islands of chromatic energy against a mostly neutral, light background.  

Furniture in vibrant colors in the middle of the office space

While the overall design is modern with a hint of industrial, large areas are covered with rustic wood planks. From a design point of view, the choice brings in the necessary visual contrast and variation in texture. However, this balancing element to the cold, harsh man-made materials also influences the general mood. The use of natural materials makes the space warmer, more approachable and less impersonal. This adds to an employee-friendly office design that motivates better work and ensures more enjoyment of daily tasks. 

Wood wall treatment and colorful seating area

Via officesnapshots.com
Designer: Eastlake Studio
All photos via officesnapshots.com

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