If you need a budget-friendly way to give your restaurant, bar or dessert shop a quick facelift, consider updating your chairs. Simply because of their number, new chairs can completely change the look of your interior. Whatever other decorative tricks you may try, such as great wall colors or a wonderful countertop, they can never make up for beat-up seating pieces that make your customers uncomfortable. So, here is a quick guide to help you with choosing chairs for your commercial space and making them work for you. 


If you think that your space lacks visual appeal, bring in some colorful chairs. Instead of limiting your daring tones and shades to a few wall decor items, plants or accent pieces, go bolder with a full set of lively colored chairs or stools. Changing nothing else but your seating pieces is enough to bring a dull-looking space to life.

Choose yellow chairs for a sunny, young and cool look, or red if you want to make a statement but still appeal to traditional tastes. Green looks great with natural colors and give your interior a fresh, uplifting look. Consider the way you want your customers to feel – intrigued? relaxed? refreshed? – and choose your colors accordingly. Since bringing in new chairs doesn’t require the work that other structural or decorative changes need, it’s easy to do it to freshen up your space.


The way you choose your furniture says a lot about your taste, style and creativity. No matter how much you love a set of chairs, if it doesn’t work with your overall decor, it’s better to consider another option. Luxurious chairs for a traditional setting, minimalist seating pieces for a trendy interior and sturdy metal stools for an urban industrial joint are a few examples of how to match your chairs with your decor.

Of course, allow for a bit of creativity. If you are the eclectic style, some risk-taking is not a bad idea. When done right, mixing materials, colors and styles may bring about an artistic vibe well enjoyed by artistic types. In this case, however, it’s best to follow the advice of a professional designer, so that the final result does not undermine your final goal of improving your space.


When changing the seats in an office, choosing and using ergonomic chairs will obviously improve the mood of your employees. No back or muscle pains make work hours seem shorter – and productivity has only to gain. However, in case you are updating your seating areas in a restaurant or cafe, you must consider how long you want your customers to stay.

If you are running a restaurant where you want your clients to linger over a few courses, upholstered chairs are excellent in making them comfortable. In case you need a quick turnover and your tables ready for new clients as fast as possible, some metal chairs would send just the right message.


The material you choose for your chairs is not only about maintenance and durability. Of course, wooden chairs are prone to scratches, plastic chairs are easy to clean, and metal stools are ideal for high traffic. However, the material of your chairs also has a very important visual role.

For instance, it’s hard to create a romantic atmosphere in a place furnished with small and slightly uncomfortable metal stools. By contrast, a space filled with elegant wooden chairs in dreamy mahogany tones inspires your customers to the same elegance of spirit. When choosing chairs, make sure that every element of your new seating choices works for what you want to achieve – and have fun!

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