If you are the owner of an ice-cream or frozen-yogurt store whose customers eat their dessert with solid-colored spoons, you are missing out on a hot trend. We have recently interviewed Mitch Kleinman, the owner of Frozen Solutions and the creator of the MAGIC Color Changing spoons, a hot-seller product in the frozen-treat industry. His company is the fastest growing frozen-treat supply company in the USA and the seller of a few ingenious items that caught our attention.

Frozen Solutions products

Tell us about Frozen Solutions. How old is the company and how did you start it?

Frozen Solutions was started 10 years ago, when I found the Color Changing® Master Batch and molded it into the MAGIC Color Changing® spoons to sell to the frozen-treat industry. Since then, we brought many “firsts” to the market, such as our patented edible divider, our cow-print cups and bowls, and the MAGIC Color Changing® straws for boba teas and milkshakes.

What is your biggest seller right now and why?

Our MAGIC Color Changing® spoons, straws, bowls and cups are very popular, since they bring in the little extra that businesses need to keep ahead of the competition. Custom-print bags, and hot and cold paper and plastic cups for drinks and ice-creams are another big seller.

MAGIC Color Changing ® spoons from Frozen Solutions

Who is your ideal client?

Because of our industry-specific products, our main clients are ice-cream, shaved-ice and gelato stores. We also sell our products to restaurants and hotels.

What is Frozen Solutions famous for?

Aside from our outstanding customer support, our quick turnarounds and low minimums, we are known for being the largest PASMO soft-serve reseller in the USA. Our clients love our custom-printed items, and we are respected in the frozen-treat industry as the originator of the color-changing and cow-print products that we sell today.

Add to that fast shipping, easy returns, and unbeatable prices, and you’ll see why our clients like working with us.

MAGIC Color Changing ® bowls from Frozen Solutions

How do the changing color products work? What makes them change color?

Unfortunately, we cannot give away our trade secrets, but we want our clients to know that our food line is made of FDA-approved materials, with no BPA. In addition, we have a whole line of eco-friendly products, and we are rolling out more every day.

Our changing color spoons and products can dramatically increase not only a store’s customer return rate but also the average order value. This is because people love being visually stimulated, and this fun addition to their treats makes them more memorable. We hear stories about customers coming back just because they want to eat using color-changing products.

Beside straws, spoons, bowls and cups, what other products do you sell?

Plenty! We cater to the needs of frozen-treat store and restaurant owners, so to-go takeout products such as containers, bags and cup carriers are in order. We also sell food trays, Chinese food containers, food wrapper pockets, paper food scoops – in short, everything our clients need to serve their customers.

Since we know how important branding and image are for the success of a business, we work with our clients to customize their products with their logo, and with colors, imagery and unique designs that promote their companies. We sell pens, pencils and other office supplies, aprons, hats, masks, water bottles… The list goes on and on.

Cow-print milkshake paper cup from Frozen Solutions

Do you offer any fun seasonal products?

Yes, we do. We strive to provide both color-changing products and paper products that mirror the holidays. This is because holiday and seasonal items account for a large chunk of our clients’ sales. Plus, when winter rolls in and the sale of frozen treats slows down, fun products can keep customers engaged and willing to return.

We start with white-to red and white-to-pink options for Valentine’s Day, and white-to-green and yellow-to-green ones for St. Patrick’s Day. Then Earth Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day find us ready with white-to-blue, white-to-red and our special white-and-blue firecracker spoons. Halloween has its orange-to-black products, and the holidays come with white-to-red, white-to-green and green-to-red options. We add the finishing touch by coupling each color-change product with specific holiday designs.

Any new hot products we need to know about?

Yes. We have new swirl, stripe and twirl designs for our ice-cream cups, custom-print paper bags, deli sheets and a coffee-cup line that we are proud of. A new line of Popping Boba will be here shortly. Finally, we have our whip cream machines and the new wooden spoons that are 100% biodegradable and won’t splinter.

Halloween ice-cream and froyo cups from Frozen Solutions

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