Colorful Library Interior Design

Designer: Anagrama
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While using muted colors may be a safer option in interior design, it is bright tones that give a space the chromatic wow factor. When done right, the use of such colors leads to spectacular results, such as in the case of the Niños Conarte children’s library and cultural center in Monterrey, Mexico.

The interior was designed by the branding, architecture and software development firm Anagrama. Inspired by the mountains that are part of the local geography, the designers created a space whose asymmetrical floor seems to be an indoor continuation of its mountainous surroundings. Even the gray tones of the platform are consistent with this idea.


While the concept is interesting and different, it is the clever use of color that finally defines it. Following the angles of the platform, bright-colored framed bookshelves emphasize the silhouette of this artificial “relief.”

The industrial character of the building was both a challenge and an advantage in designing this space. On one hand, the old building had a warehouse look, somehow hard to associate with a vibrant, warm and stimulating interior designed for children. On the other hand, this industrial look provided the perfect contrast for the colorful and daring designing touches.

If in the design of public interior spaces, the piping, air duct or support structures tend to be camouflaged or simply neglected, here, the designers took a completely different approach. Keeping the neutral colors for the main elements of the interior, they chose to emphasize the metal bones of the ceiling with bold colors. The transformation is nothing short of an artistic creation.

While the colors give this space its character, the complicated geometry of the design creates the necessary negative spaces that strengthen even more their ability to hold the attention. This is a beautiful example of how color can transform a space and enhance the visuals of a building structure.

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