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Designer: SOFTlab
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Flowers are the ultimate decorative element, used for all decors, venues and occasions to bring instant life to any interior. But one shoe store in Manhattan takes the concept to a whole new level, creating a veritable vortex of flowers that fills the interior of its flagship location and attracts the attention of passers-by.

This stunning floral explosion is part of Melissa’s marketing campaign that promotes the store’s We Are Flowers collection. The colorful canopy was created by the New York-based studio SOFTlab, known for its daring parametric designs.

Combining a simple stylized floral shape with bold primary and secondary colors, this flexible structure takes center stage against the light Corian interior of the store. The basis consists of a Mylar net made of laser-cut pieces fastened together, to which 20,000 laser-cut synthetic flowers are individually attached by hand.

The structure is suspended from a metal frame and spreads over the entire store. The flexible nature of the Mylar netting allows it to fall over the white interior in winding cascades of flowers. The supple petals, bending downwards, add to this fluid form and create the impression of a dynamic, moving installation.

While Melissa’s flower structure is a smart marketing move and accomplishes its goal of getting the attention it deserves, this is no less an artistic endeavor that allows the watcher to experience and delight in beauty. The twister shape, together with the magnitude of the floral panel, comes as an additional suggestion of the power of beauty, impossible to resist or ignore.

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