Beauty Bakerie Store Interior Design

by Katerina KohlwesMindful Design Consulting

Our surroundings interiors continually send messages to our brain.  Have you ever walked into a business and were struck with a knot in your stomach over the gloomy, uninviting ambiance created by poor lighting, bad organization or even a smelly interior?  There is a few businesses where there is no way I will be going back! The last TripAdviser’s newsletter has actually listed some of the dirtiest hotels we should avoid.  And unfortunately one of them was in California.

Interior design affecting our mood

What about those times you entered a business and felt like your mood improved, as if you were uplifted and inspired?  Consider the space that surrounds you now – is it something that would inspire you to want to return and visit again? Is your office an inspiring space you want to spend most of your life in?

Interior design can affect our mood

Our surroundings continually send messages to our brain that determine how we react, how we feel and how we store and categorize memories surrounding the events that take place within those surroundings.

Learn more on this subject in my new e-book “Branding By Interior.” It is important to know this information for any business owner as well as a designer working on a commercial interior or any architectural project.

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