Big Ass Fan in Action

Today I’ve received a newsletter from Big Ass Fan company and it reminded me how great these fans actually are.  You can see some of these around San Diego as well.  Check out one at Urbn bar on University avenue.  These fans are massive and it creates a lot of advantage.

Big Ass Fan in Action

Big Ass Fans move a lot of air with their size (which is up to 24-ft. in diameter), but because of the lower speed they actually save you money on energy.  Using fans is one of the greenest choices in oppose to using HVAC system in hot climates.

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Big Ass Fans are available from 12 to 24 feet in diameter.  They have an on-board controls which eliminates electrical interference.  These fans can be painted to any color to accommodate your commercial interior style.

To learn more about these amazing fans go to Big Ass Fans website HERE.